Lets be honest, there's never been a series as good as the Sonic Adventure series. It's my all time favirote! I really miss the Chao gardens, the hub worlds, the large cast of characters, multible plotlines, ect. Its what made Sonic well, Sonic for me. Sadly, the Sonic franchise seems to be going down the road of the Archy comic books. With dumb-can't-do-nothing villians, stupid jokes, and poor writting. Was Sonic Colors the beginning of something awfull for us Sonic Adventure fans out here? With the return of Sonic Colors script writters on Sonic Generations, it seems rather bleak for me. However, is it possible that Generations will be their last game? Lets hope so, since there are several things I wish to see for a game afterwards. Sonic Adventure 3, which I hope will be released for Wii-U or 3DS after Sonic Generations comes out, would make this my favirote series out there!(Even more then MegaMan or X-3 TC!) Well, anywho, heres a list of Things I would expect from a possible SA-3


Firsly, the return of the Chao garden.


Thirdly, the return of Tikal and Chaos!


So, what would you want to see in a new Sonic game after Generations.