Today is the day of my third year anniversary as a member of the Sonic News Wiki! And I have to say, it's been an exciting journey from then to now and I have met so many wonderful users who have shown me great kindness and acceptance into this community since day 1. Well I haven't really used this account much the first time I made it in 2014 because I was using another worthless account during the time. But anyway, this is here and now.

For a while I was feeling pretty down about what I was going through in my life back in 2014-2015 and I was having a hard time trying to find good people to socialise with because of my conditions with Asperger's and anxiety. And also because I had nobody to talk to about my love of the Sonic Franchise. Life was very hard...

But then one day I stumbled upon the Sonic Wiki again in late 2015 with this account and started to voice my honest opinions on the classic discussions board. Users replied to me and I felt like I was being heard and not seen as an outcast like in some awkward moments of my life. And since I've spent so much time on this wiki getting to know everyone, discussing about the ups and downs of the franchise and sharing my voice on upcoming games, I have matured greatly and have grown confidence in my self again, and all of you have treated me so well with friendship and respect. If only the rest of the fanbase would follow the same example as we do. Even if I've had my moments, at least this wiki has given me a purpose to live on.

I wish to thank you all for being good chaps and a toast to many more years of Sonic the Hedgehog. And the Megalodon of course!