• Megaphantaze

    Sonic Dash Revisit

    August 14, 2016 by Megaphantaze

    I was yesterday at a conference, where I was told that I can play some mobile games on computer. This was good news for me, because I once downloaded Sonic Dash, but it laggd really much. 

    I've been playing the game now 8 (Sleeping excluded) hours and have got Amy, Blaze and Espio so far. And I have ran now over 450,000 meters so far.

    Man I like this game now. I hope there's plenty more content coming soon

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  • Megaphantaze

    Eyo, I decided to drop by to show you my shipfic, before someone else does this ship.

    Sonic: Hey Blaze, wanna hangout with me?

    Blaze: What about Amy? she's after you all the time.

    Sonic: Nah, she has other matters right now


    Amy: *Chasing a Sonic doll attatched to airplane*

    (End of elsewhere)

    Blaze: Ah okay. So what was your idea where to go?

    Sonic What do you say about Space, Blazey?

    We could travel as Super around the galaxies. We could go to Mars, Jupiter, and even... Ura-

    Blaze: Stop! I already got the hint.

    Sonic: Great. So grab your stuff and we can go.

    (Later in space)

    Blaze: Earth is beautiful from here. Too bad it won't exist in 40 years.

    Sonic: If so, We always have death egg where to go.

    Blaze: Oh Sonic, you silly jerk *She then ki…

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  • Megaphantaze

    Sonic Halloween 2014

    October 4, 2014 by Megaphantaze

    BOHOO!!! It's that time again, when Zombies comes from their graves and humans turns into werewolves... Or in this case Hedgehogs. You guessed right, it's time for a 2014 edition of my Sonic Halloween.

    Idea in the series, is that I do next 31 days (I have been now doing this few days, only 27 left to go) Sonic-, fan- and miscellanious-series characters in costumes. They don't need to relate to Halloween, they can be funny, or traditionally scary. It can be a movie star, or movie character, everything is possible. The target is to draw each day one costume, one character. I have even made some extra challenge for myself and added special days, where you can contribute too.

    There are few special days in the project and they are like this:

    • Free …

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  • Megaphantaze

    I woke up this morning and something really interesting hit my eyes: Pirate Plunder Panic-saga as book. It occured me, that Darkspeeds is doing a project, where he makes request for Archie comics, if they could do Pirate Plunder Panic-saga as book filled with extra material.

    And you can be also a part of this project and get featured. You can either submit fanart, questions for Tracey Yardley, or congrats him.

    From three of these I have done last two and I am already so close getting featured.

    To more info about this special chance can be found from this journal

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  • Megaphantaze

    rewind of year

    December 15, 2013 by Megaphantaze

    The year have passed once again. These years goes faster than Sonic himself.

    I want to hear best moments from your year so far and I'll tell mine.

    The year of mine started by buying History of Sonic the hedgehog book, which is really rare book and I was proud for my investment. After the investment, I took friend of mine to see Wreck it ralph's preview show (On my country Wreck it Ralph was released at February) to see, who is Sonic the hedgehog's Finnish voice actor, cause believe or not, this was Sonic's really first time, when he speaks Finnish. His voice actor was Alex nieminen, who should do Sonic's role in future releases.

    At spring I heard, that Blaze will finally get toy version of her. I was really excited and I have said I will get …

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