I've seen lots of glitches and enjoy of them (as long as they don't crash my game). This blog is about glitches and other odd things in Mario and Sonic at the olympic games series:


I've always been wondering how Eggman like humans can fly in Dream long jump, but more odd is, that you can fly through the chao and mushroom balloons. I was like "Your rivals are no match for you, if you can fly through balloons". 

One of the most funny glitch is found from Table tennis, where your ball goes through your opponent's head. When my special shot gone through Amy's head, I was like " you supposed to die from that shot" and "this is the most dangerous sport event."

Sounds are also funny and the number one place goes for DR Eggman, who shouts "ow", when getting parried. It sounds funny, but doesn't match for it's attitude XD. Another best sound belongs for Luigi Mario (Yes, his full name is Luigi Mario)'s "Gooououououuououououooo!" I started laughing out loud when hearing this, cause it's the best sound i've ever heard.


Cross country is my favorite event of the winter games, but I saw something ridicilous: My opponents somehow has obsession to be on their backs, when the race is over. I guess that explains Wario's and Waluigi's faces, cause it's like " i want to come from behind too".

And from when robots has had stamina? They are robots, you know.

I found yesterday one glitch and it was in Snow machine fight. If you are in right place and turn yourself, the ice blocks will flash like they will be respawned. I was like "How can I drink cold drinks, if my ice cubes are flashing?"

In short track 500M when I sometimes finish the event, the opponent will bounce from me somewhere. With Blaze I reacted "I didn't know you're so rubbery (if you know what I mean)".

One thing pisses me off and it's about curling bowling. WHen i knock down Goombas, the game sometimes cheats that I didn't knocked down that one pesky goomba. So it must fall head first if you want point of it.

And now to sounds again: Bowser maybe has the weirdest sound, when he uses all his stamina. Really fishy mumbling.

And Daisy makes realy weird sound when falling to the pit. Silver also has cool falling scream too.

In a word, I saw that Blaze gone through the Wario (my chosen character), When I finished the event. And beware, i'm the best in this event. I ALSO SAW another glitch in this: Characters sometimes glow light red instead of dark red.

The mission in Rocket Ski Jumping is riddicilous I say. Who the heck thinks, that I can get to the 3000M? I think no one haven't got this mission done with golden star.

One time I won wild card with two card trades. I was laughing so loud that it ended so quick.

London Wii

I have seen, that sometimes in London party the characters will run to wall and gets stuck to them :D

Beware blue toad, he will ruin your life in London party.

I thought Blaze would be scared of heights in grand metropolis, but somehow she won't pay attention to it. neither in 10M Platform at beijing. Trivia games are funny and has so much questions and trivia about characters

London (3DS)

If someone said this is easy game, then they haven't tried Hard difficulty of these events. Cause they are. They just forces player to make record. Do not try Synchronied swimming (Team) if you have sensitive nerves, or else you will explode from anger: Because of coding error, the game cheats all the time. I lift the console left in a right time, what game says? "MISS!" And the guides are just trolling player, "yeah, the quick moves  are enough" No they aren't.

My fingers aren't fast, so Keirin is also hard as a rock. Did you know i'm a master of finland in Double trap? This game doesn't hve any glitches, though, but cool and frustrating things. And whose Idea was to add character categories because of character's interests? It's stupid.All right, enough of this, Blog will be updated, when Sochi version comes.