Eyo, I decided to drop by to show you my shipfic, before someone else does this ship.

Sonic: Hey Blaze, wanna hangout with me?

Blaze: What about Amy? she's after you all the time.

Sonic: Nah, she has other matters right now


Amy: *Chasing a Sonic doll attatched to airplane*

(End of elsewhere)

Blaze: Ah okay. So what was your idea where to go?

Sonic What do you say about Space, Blazey?

We could travel as Super around the galaxies. We could go to Mars, Jupiter, and even... Ura-

Blaze: Stop! I already got the hint.

Sonic: Great. So grab your stuff and we can go.

(Later in space)

Blaze: Earth is beautiful from here. Too bad it won't exist in 40 years.

Sonic: If so, We always have death egg where to go.

Blaze: Oh Sonic, you silly jerk *She then kisses Sonic's cheek and sonic makes few spins*

Blaze: Wait, what about the effect of our emeralds will stop?

Sonic: I have a ring vault on the space station, so we can move here. I don't want to be on Earth when Amy finds out she is chasing doll.

  • They then go to Death egg and at this point thing gets private and continues elsewhere*