BOHOO!!! It's that time again, when Zombies comes from their graves and humans turns into werewolves... Or in this case Hedgehogs. You guessed right, it's time for a 2014 edition of my Sonic Halloween.

The purpose of the series

Idea in the series, is that I do next 31 days (I have been now doing this few days, only 27 left to go) Sonic-, fan- and miscellanious-series characters in costumes. They don't need to relate to Halloween, they can be funny, or traditionally scary. It can be a movie star, or movie character, everything is possible. The target is to draw each day one costume, one character. I have even made some extra challenge for myself and added special days, where you can contribute too.

Special days and how to contribute?

There are few special days in the project and they are like this:

  • Free for all Monday: Freestyle request. You can request any character on your mind. notice that I can't draw all the characters perfectly or at all.
  • Fan character tuesday: I'll make a fan character. You can request your own character to be drawn too.
  • Couple Friday: I'll draw a couple in halloween costumes. I need your help with this one.
  • Joke Saturday: I'll make a character to look funny.
  • Music Sunday: I'll make a costume based on a song. If you have a song, give it a shot. Lyrics having songs recommended (No techno songs, cause they barely have solid lyrics).

Wednesday and Thursday are regular days.

Contribution rules

Now to rules about contributing: Since Five nights at Freddy's is now a popular thing, I sadly must deny All FNAF themed requests (I don't want to expose myself for S***Palsy as my model, Ultimatekrapula has expressed the reaction). When doing freestyle requests. I'll first look your request and tell you am I able to do it. I'll deny every inappropriate requests, or unusable drawing requests.

If you have something to ask, don't hesitate. If you have suggestions for rules or a theme in mind, ask please.