The year have passed once again. These years goes faster than Sonic himself.

I want to hear best moments from your year so far and I'll tell mine.

The year of mine started by buying History of Sonic the hedgehog book, which is really rare book and I was proud for my investment. After the investment, I took friend of mine to see Wreck it ralph's preview show (On my country Wreck it Ralph was released at February) to see, who is Sonic the hedgehog's Finnish voice actor, cause believe or not, this was Sonic's really first time, when he speaks Finnish. His voice actor was Alex nieminen, who should do Sonic's role in future releases.

At spring I heard, that Blaze will finally get toy version of her. I was really excited and I have said I will get it sooner or later.

In a time when School was gonna start, I was gonna get Sonic the hedgehog issue 250, which thrilled me so much, since I found a shop from Finland, which sells this issue. The issue came at August and then I bought it. What thrilled me in the issue, was that Archie made my Hero of Mobius project come true: Sonic and his gang fighting against robot masters. I will tell about Hero of Mobius later and show my gallery about it.

Right after this, I found Megabeatman, who was gonna review Pirate bluner panic, featuring Blaze the cat. I was thrilled again. The comic was reeeaaaallly awesome. Did you noticed, that Blaze have gone more social these days?

And now we are in this month: I have also bought some new Sonic games etc. Okay okay. I am Wishing for Robot master field guide for this Christmas. It could help me lot with hero of mobius project.

Now it's your turn. Happy Christmas everyone in SNN