• Merwow


    September 21, 2013 by Merwow

    It's been a month or more and I have edited many things ,met new people and so much more.Being here has been a great fun for me and I enjoyed all my minutes here but now it's time for leaving .I have an entrance exam ahead and right now it's my only goal.I have aimed for it a long way ago and I'm not about to fail all things I have done.I have two or three years left(I don't have enough time to visit here in academic year I have to study all the time and the rest of my time is for entrance exam.It's all because of my major if I don't try hard then I won't get what I want). perhaps I come back in spring 2014 but it will be so short. I want to thank  a lot of people for helping me with edits and I have to apologize if I couldn't help in someā€¦

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