Hey, I'm just here to say what I got for my birthday today: I got a 3DS PLUS the new game Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion for the 3DS! It's so cool! You can adjust whether you want 3D or not on the 3DS, and when it's in 3D, it's super shweet! And Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion just makes the Birthday even better! The game's so much like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it's not even FUNNY. You can even unlock Captain Planet in the game. Now that guy was a stinkin' BOSS.

I totally kicked butt with Ben 10, Chowder, and Mac & Bloo, and it was even funnier when you beat up a nerd like Dexter in the game. And when Captain K' nuckles doesn't have any candy in the game, He just explodes, spits everywhere, and his face looks like he's constipated! Now THAT'S stinkin' funny!

I just can't wait for even more fun games to come out on the 3DS, like Generations, London Games, Generator Rex, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Star Fox 64, Mega Man, and even more! But my all-time favorite hand-held game remains CNPTE for now. They are so far my favorite Birthday presents. I highly recommend that if you're a fan of the Smash Bros. series, and/or if you love 3D, then get the 3DS and CNPTE as soon as you can.

And for those of you who have read my past two blogs and want more, then either tommorow or Sunday I'll have the latest blog, either about Thunder or Claws.