I have an EPIC Sonic fighting game idea! It is called Sonic Arena. I would like to state my ideas for this made
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Credits to DiscoDuck for making this. Thanks!

up game and would like to see what you think about it.


Sonic Arena is a game that will bring fighting to the next level. It would have a collision of some of the toughest and most popular Sonic characters, and some of the greatest and most popular Sonic stages. The game will have stages and characters that you can play as in the beggining, and stages and characters that you have to unlock. Here is some information about the game:


PS3/360 + 3DS








E-123 Omega




Cream & Cheese





Metal Sonic



E-102 Gamma




PS3/360 Exclusive:




Eggman Nega

Egg Robo

Pir'Oth Ix






Erazor Djinn

Sonic the Werehog



Secret Character (Both Versions):


Note: Each character is unlocked by earning a certain amount of points in each arena. Points are earned by how good a battle you put up. The less you get hit, the less you get beat, and the more hits and deaths you cause the other character to get, the more points you get. Points also unlock other characters and stages. Emerl requires the most points out of all the characters and stages to be unlocked.


Green Hill Zone

Angel Island

Death Egg

Seaside Hill

Egg Fleet

Egg Carrier

Emerald Coast

Tropical Resort

Space Colony ARK

Black Comet


Scrap Brain Zone


Southern Island

Planet Wisp



Station Square


G.U.N. Headquarters

Radical Highway

Prison Island

Ice Cap Zone

Metallic Madness

Mystic Ruins

PS3/360 Exclusive:


Central City

Babylon Garden

Collision Chaos Zone

Crisis City

Dinosaur Jungle

Starlight Carnival

Marble Zone

Lava Reef Zone

Splash Hill Zone

Death Yard Zone

Rail Canyon


Characters That Make Cameos in Stages:

Marine the Raccoon

Vannila the Rabbit

Chocola Chao

King Arthur








Guard Robo

Silver Sonic


Animal Friends



Captain Whisker





Billy Hatcher

Note: Since many peope like 2D Sonic and 3D Sonic, people can choose what D they want on stages on the stage select menu. 2D stages bring more of a Super Smash Bros. kind of perspective, and is recommended for people who are paying with a friend. 3D brings more of a realistic view of the area, but is recommended for people who are playing against a CPU. If you're playing with a friend, the 3D stages will have a split screen.


Like I've said before, there will be points, earned at the end of each battle. They unlock certain characters and stages. And stages will let you choos wheteher to be in 3D or 2D.

Characters will have standard moves, punches, jumps, kicks, and also ground attacks and midair attacks. Characters will be able to perform double jumps (some can perform mor than one, depending on their size and weight) But characters will also be able to perform special attacks that sometimes don't involve punching and kicking and are unique atacks for the player (like a Spin Dash and Homing Attack for some, flying for Tails and Cream, etc.).

Characters will also be able to perform POW moves. Taking the name from Sonic Chronicles, POW moves are moves performed by characters depending on the amount of energy in the Bar. The Bar is a bar seen at the top of the screen. The more hits you give to the opposing fighter, the more energy you get in the bar. There are 3 POW moves that the character can do. Heres an example:
Sonic's Bar Arena

Another horrible drawing that I did on the computer (87%. Remember it!). An example of Sonic's Bar.

This is an example of Sonic's Bar. The energy that you get from beating up enemies goes into this bar. When the energy gets to or passes the line, you will be able to perform a POW move. The lower the line, the less effective the POW move is, but the higher the line, the more powerful. Ther are three POW moves per character. An example of Sonic's:

First Line: Blue Tornado. Sonic spins around the stage. causing a Tornado to pick everybody up and drop them, causing damage.

Second Line: Sonic Boom. Sonic gains a huge boost in speed and a little in power. He can still get damaged, but when he touches somebody, they get damaged.

Third Line: Super Sonic. Sonic gains invincibility, can't get damaged, greatly gets his speed and power increased, and can fly.

Note: POW moves can only last a short while, and once you do one, all your energy in your bar goes away.


As I said before, points are what you get after you finish a battle. The amount is determined after a battle by how much you hit and defeated an enemy, and how much you get hit or defeated. Points can also unlock characters, stages, and special features to the game.


There are plenty of modes to this game. Some are:

Time Attack: The one to get the most KO's within a time limit wins.

Survival: Each character gets a certain amount of lives. You need to beat everyone before they beat you.

Ring Attack: Rings will be scattered throughout the stage. Collect the most rings in the time limit. And beat your enemies to get the rings they collected.

Diehard Challenge: You get one life and 3 other characters fight you with 3 lives. Try to beat them before they beat you!

Arena: You go through a series of challeges too beat different characters in different stages. At the end you will have to face a boss. The bosses include:

Perfect Chaos


Black Doom

Egg Golem

King Boom Boo

Dark Gaia Phoenix


Try to get to the end to get a reward!

Badnik Bash: A certain amount of Badniks (including Egg Pawns, Kikis, Moto Bugs, Buzz Bomber, Flapper, Egg Fighter, Coconuts, etc.) will be scattered throughout the stage, trying to attack you. Defeat them all and try not to get defeated!

Battle: Just a normal battle, either against your friend or a CPU. Choose your character, your opponent(s), and stage, and get ready for battle!

Special Features

Special Features are unlocked by collecting Points. They include trailers, artwork, music, character profiles, mini games, etc.

Mini Games

Mini Games are part of the Special Features and are unlocked by getting Points. These games include:

Stardust Racing: You can do a short 2D race down the Stardust Speedway.

Treasure Finder: Set at the Angel Island stage, you can hunt for 3 different gems: Pieces of the Master Emerald/ Chaos Emeralds/ Sol Emeralds

High Flyer: Only playable as characters who can fly, you face off against other flying characters in a race to see who can stay in the air long enough to get to the finish line!

Super Jump: See how far you can jump in this Super Jump game, where you can beat you and your friends old records!

Tornado Pilot: Pilot the Tornado in a RPG view where you can blast tons of Eggman's robots! Beat your old records!

And more!