WHUZZUP??? I'm here to tell of another game idea I have besides Sonic Arena. I like to call it Sonic Speed. Unlike the past one, which was a fighting game, this one happens to be a racing game (Sonic SPEED?). This game will also have online play, so you can play the game will other people across the Internet. Here's some more info:


Wii/ PS3/ X-Box 360/ 3DS


The story begins at a huge race being held by Dr. Eggman, who made the race to see who the fastest runner on the planet. He claims that the race is fair and isn't part of any evil plan. And after each race, Eggman will give a Chaos Emerald as a reward to each and everyone who wins. And whoever wins the entire race will win a "Big Reward". Sonic doesn't believe this, and after the events of Sonic Colors, Tails doesn't, either. But Sonic still wants to race, to see if Eggman will keep his word, and to have a little fun while investigating. Tails just wants to tag along and be a part of the fun, not just watch Sonic win on the sidelines.

When Sonic goes to the race, he sees 4 other tough competeters: Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, and Blaze, all who have their own reasons for playing. Sonic now must make rivals out of friends and race his hardest if he wants to keep his title of Fastest Thing Alive. But will he be able to against some of the fastest people in the world?

And in the sidelines, Eggman has another plan. He plans to take the data of the competeters as they race and compete to make a whole new brand of robots, and a whole new brand of Metals, and use them to conquer the world. Will Sonic and the other competeters be able to find out about his plan in time before the preparations are complete?



Sonic the Hedgehog - in the race to find out what Eggman's up to and to have some fun while doing it

Miles "Tails" Prower - comepeting so he can get in on the action rather than watch Sonic on the sidelines

Knuckles the Echidna - (Obviously) The Master Emerald is missing, and Knuckles believes the "Big Reward" is the relic. So he then enters the race to win!

Shadow the Hedgehog - in the race because he thinks it's a "good challenge."

Blaze the Cat - Someone stole the Sol Emeralds from her dimension, and believes Eggman has them. As a result, if you play as her in story mode, she gets Sol Emeralds instead of Chaos Emeralds

Silver the Hedgehog - For some reason, the future is almost destoyed, so Silver thinks the catasrophic outcome of this race in the past is the cause of it, so he's here to help!


Metal Sonic

Amy Rose

Cream the Rabbit

Espio the Chameleon

Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (races in his Egg Mobile instead of on foot like most of the other characters)

Rouge the Bat

Jet the Hawk (races on Extreme Gear instead of on foot like most of the other characters)


Forest Mountain

Underwater Cave

Cloud Highway

Tidal City

Bust Casino

Wayward Castle

Danger Desert

Metal Factory


Much of the gameplay is either running, jumping, or using the attack button on your controller to a special attack, like a punch or kick, for each character. There are also power-ups in this game that you get by opening capsules, which gives you a Shield, a Fire Ball to attack your rival, a Lightning Bolt to stun them, a Running Boost to give you a boost in running, and more. One of the rare power-ups is a Special, which lets each chharacter do a move unique to them, to help them get back in the race. Like Sonic's move is Sonic Boost, where you do a short, but fast, boost that only lasts a few seconds, and attacks rivals in front of him. Shadow's is Chaos Boost, which makes him fly through the air at super fast speeds for a few seconds, attackin oncoming rivals. Silver's is Teleport Dash, where he uses his Psychic energy to dash forward, attacking nearby foes,and more. And, during races, if you press the jump button twice, you can do a Homing Attack to nearby rivals and obstacles. When you play the game in races, you have a view similar to that of Sonic Umleashed and Sonic Colors, so it's perfect for racing. Each stage will also have dash panels and midair rings, so you can go faster and find shortcuts in the gameplay while trying to win. And you can collect rings in-game, which serves the same purpose like they do in most Sonic games. Stages have tons of obstacles and most of the power-ups harm you, so rings will protect you from most damage, like in most games. You can also choose a mode before playing, either easy, normal, or hard.

Special Features

Special Features include a sound test, where you can listen to the sound effects, stage music, and character themes of the game.You can also read character profiles and look at speed records of the races you did. You can also look at past trailers of the game.