Lightning Powns Thunder Fighters MS 272

A repaint of Sonic (looking like Lightning) and a repaint of Knuckles (looking like Thunder). These characters weren't originally re-colors, but I got bored and made this. Just to show you who rox your sox.

The TRUE sequel to my Lightning the Hedgehog blog, this blog will reveal the future of my star fan-character, Lightning the Hedgehog! Since there's so much to this epic future adventure, I am dividing it into parts, since it would take up too much space trying to fit it all in one blog!

Warning: In order to understand some of this, you'll have to read my first Lightning the Hedgehog blog.

One day Dr. Eggman was researching through some old ruins, and found the Ancient Electon Staff. He soon learned of it's power and planned to use it as a power source to one of his new airship and robot in order to destroy Sonic. When he launched his ship, he made the Staff the source of power for everything, and it gave a lot of power to everything. When Sonic came, the battle ship and robots proved to be powerful. When Sonic destroyed a lot of the robots, the Staff started shaking. Eggman then thought to make things go faster and destroy Sonic with his huge robot he controlled, powered by the Staff. The Staff shook roughly. Sonic and Eggman had a huge battle. The Staff rolled around on the ground. Eggman proved superior to Sonic. The Staff started glowing. Eggman was about to shoot Sonic with his arm cannon. The Staff exploded, affecting the ship and all of Eggman's machinery, including Eggman's arm cannon to backfire. Inside of the ship, with fire everywhere and the ship losing control, Lightning appeared out of the smoke, wondering where he was. Sonic ran to Tails and the Tornado, thinking it was an easy victory, while Eggman and his robot fell to the ground, wondering what hapened. Lightning then broke a few walls and jumped out from the control room and onto the deck of the ship. Eggman thinking he was Sonic, he threw a punch at Lightning, in which he took a direct hit, and flew from the deck of the ship and plummeted to the earth.

Lightning woke up a while after, wondering what happened, where he was before, and what caused him to fall. He saw he was in a dark trench, and then he wondered where he was now. He had a headache, and started walking, even though he didn't know where he was or where he was going.

He later heard growling and steps coming towards him. He prepared himself for battle, but then saw orange eyes looking straight at him. They had a long stare down, until a voice asked who he was. Lightning said his name, and then stated that he should be asking him the same thing. The voice said he will know soon enough. Lightning asked where he was, and then the voice pounced at him, yelling that he was in his territory. Lightning ran back from the slash and soon saw that the person was a lion. Lightning then shot a Lightning Bolt from both hands at him, but the lion extended his claws, deflecting the bolt. Lightning was surprised, but the lion soon attacked him with a big slash, but Lightning soon surrounded himself with electricity, then did a huge Spin Dash, the Electric Spin Dash, and flew towards the lion, The lion tried to block it, but when he did his hands became paralized and Lightning did a big hit on him, making the lion immovable, literally. Lightning then said that for the few hours he's been in the Staff that he would've thought Thunder would've destroyed everyone and everything by now. The lion spoke, saying that Lightning must've been crazy, because the only Thunder he remembered that could destroy everyone died over 5,000 years ago, and it's all just a bedtime story now. Lightning then said it wasn't possible, since he attempted to destroy Thunder just a few hours ago. The lion then took a good look at Lightning, and gasped. He said he looked exactly like his parents and children's books described him. Lightning then had to explain what's been going on. he lion then stated that it's understandable, since weird things have been happening that were more unbelievable than that. The lion then said his name was Claws. Claws then said that his parents used to tell him stories like that when he was little, but when he was hiking with his parents many years ago, a fat man took them and put them in capsules to turn them into robots. He didn't know how to get home at that age, and soon forgot what his home was months later, and he had to learn how to live in the wild. Lightning then said that it was nice to meet him, absorbed the electricity from Claws, unparalyzing him, and said that he was going to go back to his home to see what happened to it. Claws then stood up, stretched, and then said that he was going with him. Lightning was hesitsant at first, but Claws said he can guide him through the modern world, and that he wanted to see what's changed ever since he's been gone. Lightning then agreed, then the both of them escaoed the trench and onto the Electron Civilization.

After a few hours, they were in the middle of a deep forest, and Lightning asked if Claws knew where he was going. Claws said his instincts never lie, and he did know. Lightning then went with what he said and followed him. Then the both of them heard a high scream. They looked at each other for a second, then ran to the direction of the scream. They then found themselves out of the forest, the saw 3 robots kidnapping a young female hedgehog. Lightning and Claws ran towards them, but were stopped by Amy, Cream, Blaze, and Big. But they looked darker and had red eyes, like they were possessed. Lightning asked if Claws knew why they were ambushing them, but Claws stated that he didn't know who they even were. Lightning then said to the possessed Amy that he was taught not to hit girls, but they weren't leaving him any choice.

To be continued..........