Lightning Bolt Fly MS 272

The second part of Lightning's future adventure. Cornered by possessed heroes and trying to save a damsel in distress, Lightning and his new best friend need to find out what's going on and save the lady in time!

The second part to the Lightning the Hedgehog (Future) saga, we now continue Lightning's adventure in the future. See my Lightning the Hedgehog (Future) Part 1 blog to get some of this.

A possessed Amy, Cream, Blaze, and Big attacked Lightning the Hedgehog and Claws the Lion last time.

Amy threw out her hammer and aimed it at Lightning, but Lightning used a defecting move with his electricity to block it, hitting Amy instead. A string then causht Lightning's legs, tied them up, and threw him in the air, Big's fishing pole. Claws cut the string with his claws and extended them to catch the falling Lightning. Lightning, then did a Spin Dash and spun on the two of them multiple times. When Claws was going to help, Blaze attacked him with fire. Claws protected himself by extending his claws in front of his face, blocking the attack. Blaze then pounced at him, but Claws hit her with his Claws, then stopped her fall by extending them below her. He then said have a nice trip, then flew his Claws in the air, making Blaze fly through the sky behind him, eliminating one threat. Lightning was blocking every attack Amy and Big threw at him, since it was difficult to attack one person if the other attacks you. Lightning then got angry, shouted, surrounded himself with electricity, then did an Electric Spin Dash, bashing Amy and Big at super fast lightning speed, knocking them out. Lightning and Claws then met up, fist pumped, then were going to the mechanical base. But then Claws asked if there was one more that they missed. They both looked back, and see Cream running towards them with a big log, going to hit them with it. Claws then sliced it in half before she even got to them, and Lightning made a huge Electric Wave come out of his hands, making Cream fly backwards, hit a big rock, then got knocked out. Lightning then stated they've wasted enough time with them, and they ran to the base.

Inside the base, it was quiet, calm, and had no one in it. Lightning and Claws walked as quiet as they could through the hallway. Claws then said that nobody had to be there, and they could just walk normally. Lightningthen said that a few robots brought a girl here not long ago. There had to be someone in there. Claws then shut up. After 10-15 more minutes of investigating, Claws spoke again, saying that there wasn't anybody there, so they could just leave and look somewhere else. Claws then leaned up against a wall with a button. Lightning turned around, was bout to say something, but said loudly to not lean on there, but it was too late. Claws hit the button by accident, and a huge door out of nowhere opened right in front of them. It seemed to be a prison cell, and Lightning and Claws walked through it Lightning then said to not do anything like that again, ad he could've gotten them caught, to Claws. Claws said fine. But then a nice, calm voice asked if anyone was there. Lightning then tiptoed slowly to where the voice was coming from, and soon saw a dark-pink female hedgehog in a prison cell. Claws then came, asking her what she was in for, and Lightning gave him a mean look. The female hedgehog said that she didn't do anything, but the man, Dr. Eggman, somehow heard of her back pack, which was a jet pack that could hold tons of weapons and tools inside it. Eggman wanted that technology, and kidnapped her to get it, but didn't let her free. Claws didn't believe her story, but Lightning did. Lightning shot a huge Lightning Bolt towards the bars and broke them. The female hedgehog was broke free and said thank you to the both of them. Lightning then asked for her name, and she told him it was Maim the Hedgehog. Lightning then said theat they'd help her get her back pack back, then Maim said thank you another time.

Then, a siren broke out, red lights were coming out everywhere, and robots were coming out of the walls. Lightning then said that he'd speed past them, and that Maim would tell him the directions to get to the back pack. Maim told him the directions, and Lightning then sped off, leaving them to fight the army off. Lightning boosted through the robots, breaking them. He then got to the back pack, which was in a scanning tube in the center of the base. It was guarded by robots, but Lightning didn't care. He Spin Dashed all the robots in short time, then broke the scanning tube and took the back pack. He then sped off again, boosting through robots, and grabbed both Maim and Claws right when he got to them, and sped off as fast as he could after that. He broke through walls and robots until he got outside the base, but still ran as far away from it as he could.

When they got far enough, he stopped and dropped Maim and Claws, who were as dizzy as can be. When they got better, Lightning then gave Maim her back pack. She then said she didn't know how to thank them after that, but Lightning then proposed that she could join them. Maim asked what they were doing, and Lightning then said that they were going to go to the Electron Civilization. Maim then said she'd done research on it, but never went to it. She'd said she'd love to join. Lightning then asked Maim why they didn't see Eggman there, but Maim said that some shadowy cloud figure took went through him, made him turn a darker color than his usual, and took him. Maim then said that something like that has been happening to tons of heroes and villains on the planet, and they haven't been seen since. Lightning and Claws then looked at each other, and Claws said that he thinks they encountered 4 people like that before rescuing her. Maim said that they were lucky to get out alive, since the possessed versions of the heroes and villains were said to be faster and stronger than they were originally. Lightning said that they might need some more help if they encountered more people like that, and Maim said she knew just the person, and she knew where to go. Lightning then let her lead, and he and Claws followed.

TO BE CONTINUED..................