Lightning the Hedgehog 4 Ep 1 MS 272

The third part of the Lightning the Hedgehog (Future) saga. Our heroes have gained a new friend, and have learned that a mysterious evil has been possessing many of the world's heroes and villains. Maim knows someone who'll help, so they're off to find this person.

The third part of the Lightning the Hedgehog (Future) saga. We continue Lightning's epic adventure into his future.

Last time, Lightning and Claws rescued Maim, and are going to find a person to help them!

A few hours after they left Eggman's base, Lightning, Maim, and Claws arrived to a big, dark cave. Lightning asked if this is where the person Maim was talking about lived, and Maim said yes. Maim then said this person taught some of the planet's greatest warriors, and there's hardly anybody who can match his power, experience, and wisdom. Claws didn't want to go in the cave, saying that it could be really dangerous, and Maim said it's all part of a test. Both Lightning and Claws looked at her, then she said that the person gave everyone tests of power, speed, and intellect in order to gain his respect, and if they wanted him on their team, they were going to have to gain his respect. Then she said that the cave was part of test to see how you can navigate in the darkness without using anything. Lightning stated hat this should be fun, then was the first to go into the cave, while Maim and Claws followed.

Inside the cave, however, the team did have a light: Lightning's blue birthmarks glew in the dark. Lightning said he couldn't help it, and it didn't shine that brightly forthem to see in front of them. When they got out of the cave about 10 minutes later, they came into a big room. The room was surrounded by flaming torches for light, and at the very end was a green, hedgehog/echidna thing with wings, a gray, cool-looking wolf, and a red bear who's hair looked like it was on fire. The red bear then asked himself how many more students he was going to get today. Then the other two looked behind them, and the green thing screamed Maim's name and that it was great to see her again. Maim told him that it was great to see him, too. Then the red bear stated that he hasn't seen her in ages, then Maim said called the bear Master Flame, and said it has been awhile. Lightning and Claws looked at each other, and asked Maim how she knew them. She then said that the bear's name was Flame and the green guy's name was Teck. She knew Flame because he taught her to become powerful and wise, and she said that it was a long story of how she met Teck. Flame and the two others came up to them, and told Lightning and Claws that the wolf's name was Dext and the green guy's name was Teck. He then said that his name was Flame, and that he was a Master of Fire. He said he taught much of the world's greatest warriors, and if they knew anybody who controls fire and is a Master of Fire, they're bound to have learned from him. He then asked Lightning what they are doing here, and Lightning said that he was on a journey to go back to his homeland, and possessed heroes attacked them, and he knows they'll try again. He said they were tough, and heard that Flame was tough, and wanted him to join them on their journey. Flame said that he heard about the hero-possessing thing, and said that they've been attacking anybody who hasn't been possessed yet or anybody who poses a threat to them. He agreed to help them, but they have to prove their worthiness in order to have him join. Lightning agreed.

Flame said that since Maim already did the course, that she didn't have to do it again, but said that Lightning and Claws had to team up with Dext and Teck to do the course. Flame said that there'll be a racing test, where you only have a minute to do the whole course, a strength test, where you have to face against a bunch of fire-monsters he summons, a skill test, where you have to do an obstacle course and not get injured, a balance test,where a person that can fly has to balance in a windy area and not get blown away, and a final test, where you have to defeat something and not die. Lightning, Claws, Teck, and Dext agreed that they'll all do a test that fits their style and abilities, and will all work together for the final one. Lightning=Race, Claws=Strenght, Dext=Skill, and Teck=Balance.

The first test was the race. Flame said that you had to finish the huge obstacle course in a minute at most. When it was time to start, Lightning finished the whole course in 2.6 seconds.

The next was the strength test. Flame said that he'll summon 30 of his fire-monsters, and Claws had to defeat them and not get beaten. When it was time to start, a FM got Claws by surprise, and hit him in the head. Claws fellover, and a bunch of FMs started dog pileing over him. When it looked like it was over, Claws made a huge roar, which blew many of the FMs to the wall, destroying some, and then Claws extended his claws and sliced through the rest of the FMs in just a few minutes. Flame was obviously impressed.

The next was the Skill test. Flame said that this new course has tons of hazards, pitfalls, and other dangerous obstacles, and Dext had to make it through the course without getting injured badly. When it started, Dext was practically an expert, dodgeing some of the fastest falling rocks, dodgeing pendelums, jumping over trenches, and was really fast. When he was done, Dext didn't even break a sweat.

The next one was the balance test. Flame said that Teck had to make it through the windy canyon and back without going off the trail. When it started, Teck was having trouble flying while the wind was blowing him back and forth. He was getting off balance and started to not care about the test anymore. But he put his mind to it and kept flying through the canyon as determined as determined gets. When he was done, he was as tired as ever, but he finished with tops. Flame was impressed on how he could handle the wind, as a lot of his students don't get past that part.

The final test was the hardest. Flame said that they'll have to work as a team and beat the monster he'll release and not die. Lightning then said that it was just a monster, and it couldn't be THAT tough. Dext then said that they'll beat it with ease. When it started, a huge dragon came out of another cave and mada a roar that sounded like a screaming girl being tortured. It wasn't a pleasant noise. The dragon blew fire all ove the place, and it burned the whole team. Teck said that he'd hit it in the air while they focus on the bottom. Lightning then said he'll run circles around it to make it dizzy, then Dext and Claws hit everything else. Lightning then started running circles around the dragon, while Teck extended his spikes to grab it's arms and legs, making it immovable. The dragon was then forced to look at Lightning's circles, which made it dizzy. Claws and Dext took that chance to damage it. They hit every part of the dragon as hard as they could, but it got hard to when the dragon was spinning in dizziness. That's when it got hard for Teck to hold the dragon. That's when it got hard for Lightning to keep running in one circle. Lightning then got knocked by the dragon's tail, and the dragon soon stopped being dizzy. It started flailing and breathing fire everywhere, and it knocked everyone to the wall. Severly hurting, everyone wanted to get up and fight, but could hardly stand up. But as the dragon was closing in on them, Lightning then jumped, spining and Spin Dashing on the dragon as much as he could, screaming at the dragon why wouldn't it just go down. Lightning then hit the drangon't neck, in which the dragon roared as loud as it has ever had, then hit Lightning with it's tail, knocking him to the wall again. Flame then jumped in, saying that that was enough fighting, and tried to tell the dragon to stop it and it was over. But the dragon was so angry that it hit Flame with it's tail, knocking Flame towards the wall, and was about to burn him with it's fire. But Lightning jumped in, shooting powerful Lightning Bolts out of his hands, blocking the fire-breath. He then told Claws, Dext, and Teck to focus on the dragon's neck and let him distract it. Teck then flew both Claws and Dext up towards the dragon's neck. Lightning was trying to shock and paralyze the dragon, but didn't work. Teck the threw Claws and Dext towards the dragon's neck. Teck quickly extended his spikes and started chonking the dragon, putting the dragon in severe pain, while Claws and Dext hit every place of the neck that they could. The dragon was soon motionless, and Lightning then took the chance the charge up his Electric Spin Dash, and launched it towards the dragon, knocking the dragon to the wall, then the impact broke the wall, and slammed into the other one, knocking the dragon out.

When everyone was back together again a while later, Flame said that was the best he's seen anybody do those tests, and said that he'd be delighted to join the team. Dext and Teck said they wanted to come too, and Lightning happily agreed. Flame then asked where they were going, then Lightning then told him the whole story of the past events. Flame was amazed, saying that he's heard of the Electron Civilization, but never been there. Dext and Teck were delighted to go, too. But Dext then changed the subject, saying where the possessed people were. Maim then shrieked, saying there were some not too far away. Then everyone looked hard and saw a possessed Jet, Silver, Knuckles, Tails, Espio, and Charmy were running towards them. Lightning told them to get ready, because a tough battle was headed their way.

TO BE CONTINUED....................