The fourth installment in the Lightning the Hedgehog (Future) saga, Lightning the Hedg
Lightning Punches Sonic OMG MS 272

A recolored picture of Lightning punching Sonic. Note that, even though this is a recolored picture, Lightning and all my other characters are NOT recolors.

ehog is now off on an adventure in the future to go back to his homeland. Last time, Lightning and his new friends were about to be attacked by a whole bunch of possessed heroes.

(Read the past parts to understand the events of this story)

A possessed Jet, Silver, Knuckles, Tails, Espio, and Charmy were charging at Lightning, Claws, Flame, Maim, Teck, and Dext. Lightning thought that the best way to counter-attack would be to charge at them back and get the first hit. Teck was hesitant, but he followed what Lightning said. They charged right towards them, ready to unleash their strongest attacks, but the other side was too fast and hit them with more power. Lightning was then hit by Knuckles, but quickly hit him back multiple times at sound-breaking speed. Before he coule deliver the final blow, Silver then froze him with psychic energy. Right when Knuckles was going to punch Lightning with his hardest, Maim quickly got a electricity gun out of jet pack, zaped both Knuckles and Silver, then zapped Lightning to give him more energy. Lightning then felt recharged, and Electric Spin Dashed both of them repeatedly, knocking them both out, and releasing some sort of dark spirit from them. Meanwhile, Claws was having a claw-versus-stinger fight with Charmy, like a sword fight. Charmy was very skilled at using his stinger as some sort of sword for some reason, and was overwhelming Claws. Claws was aiming to cut of Charmy's stinger, but he kept on blocking all of Claws' attacks. Claws thought he would lose until Dext came and gave a powerful kick in the head to Charmy. Claws took that oppurtunity to extend his claws really long and slashed Charmy, plunging Charmy to the mountain the heroes just left. Charmy hit it, got knocked out, and a dark spirit escaped Charmy, turning him to normal.

Flae was having an epic battle with Espio, with Espio dodgeing all of his attacks and dissappearing to who knows where. Flame was shooting out flame waves and fire blasts to try to defeat Espio, but it was useless. Espio was going to attack Flame, until Claws sliced the weapon Espio was using and punched him really hard. Espio was then going to attack Claws, who had his claws extended in front of him for defense, but Flame threw a huge fire ball at Claws' claws, which deflected from them and hit Espio. It knocked him out, and a dark spirit escaped him. And Teck was being overwhelmed by both Jet and Tails, with Jet hitting him in the air and Tails spining his Tails at high speeds and hitting Teck. Teck then extended two of his spikes, grabbing the two. But Jet and Tails quickly got out by spinning his tails and boosting on his Extreme Gear. Teck thought he there was nothing he could do, until Lightning and Flame blasted Jet with electricity and fire, and Maim shot Tails with a laser from her jet pack and Dext punched and kicked him. As Jet and Tails were falling, Claws caught them both with his extended claws, then smashed them both together. The got knocked out, and dark sprits escaped them, turning them back to normal.

The team then gathered around. They asked questions to each other, like who they were, what was with the dark spirits, and why they attacked them. No one knew the answers to them. Lightning then said that, since they finished defeating them and that they were all safe, that they continue to go find the Electron Civilization. Dext then said that he's the boss, and then they were off. But then the dark spirits that came out of the possessed heroes combined to make a bigger spirit, and then departed for place unknown. Flame noticed this, and told everyone. Lightning then said to follow that thing, since it might lead to who is taking over the people who attacked them. They all then ran to follow the spirit, and when they caught up with it, there was a huge ocean, and the dark spirit just flew over it. Then Teck asked if they could just fly over the water. So Maim carried Flame and used her jet pack to fly, Claws extended his claws really wide so that he could glide across the water, Teck carried Dext while flying across the water, and Lightning just ran on the water.

It took a while, but they finally saw land. A land that was dark, wrecked, and was surrounded by a dark cloud. Teck was scared, but the rest of the team was brave, and were ready to face whatever was over there. When they got to land, everyone was surrounded by each other for safety. Except Lightning. He was looking around the land, because it looked all so familiar to him. He walked towards a little civilization. There was houses, temples, and a training ground. He walked into one house. There was a bed, which looked the same as Lightning's bed when he left it. He found his old boxes and dolls that he played with as a small child.

He was home. The Electron Civilization.

Lighning went of to tell everyone, who were all looking for him. Everyone was shocked and excited about the news. They've heard legends and bedtime stories about the place, but Maim said that she didn't remember hearing about it being such a dark, gloomy place. Lightning said the only time he remembered it being like this was when Thunder was off to destroy the world. Then Flame had to scare everyone into asking if Thunder could be back. Lightning then told Flame not to be ridiculous.

Then a deep, distorted voice echoed through the air: "He is not being ridiculous, former apprentice, but speaking the truth."

Then a huge dark cloud surrounded the area, and a bunch of possessed heroes came through the cloud. Sonic, Shadow, Vector, Big, Amy, Cream and Cheese, Blaze, Eggman, Omega, and Rouge, all possessed, came falling from the cloud, surrounding all the team. Then, the same voice said that it's been thousands of years since their last meeting. The voice came from nearby...

Thunder then appeared at the top of the nearby temple. This shocke everyone (Teck the most). Lightning then said to Thunder that it's pretty ironic that they both got released at the same time. Thunder then explained that it was the only way for one or the other to be released. After a certain amount of time, both of their spells would be broken, and both be freed from their imprisonment. And it was meant that after their imprionment, one of them would have to defeat the other. Thunder then said that he will defeat Lightning, but not before he brings the world to darkness. Then he told Lightning to come challenge him, IF he survives the army headed his way.He then flew into the air, into the dark cloud, and a huge spark made the cloud spread, and soon it spreaded all around the world. Lightning bolts hit everywhere, and then, in those places, dark creatures were formed, and attacked everyone in sight. Tornados wrecked a bunch of cities. The woeld appeared like it was going to end.

Meanwhile, Lightning and his team had to defeat the army of heroes. They were outmatched. Lasers fired, punched and kicks and missles were thrown out. The heroes barely got a chance to strike back Teck then tried to find safety, but fell into a big ditch. Teck was brushing off all the dirt on him, until he found a shining, blue emerald looking thing.

Mostly the possessed heroes attacked Lightning, and then they tried to dog pile on Lightning, trying to take him out. Lightning couldn't escape, and the attacke dfrom the rest of the team weren't able to take them off. But then Teck came with the blue emerald, and asked if there was something they cold do with it. Maim then took it, got a huge gun out of her back pack, and placed the emerald in it in the gun. She said the emerald will power the blast and then charged the gun. When it was at it's fullest, she pulled the trigger. A wave of water just went and splashed the opposing team. Maim was wondering what had happened, but then thought she recongnized the emerald. Before she could say what it was, a huge blue light came from the pile. Electric sparks were coming from the openings. Then Lightning screamed at the top of his voice...


A huge blast of electric energy shot from all sround Lighning, and the water made the power of the blast double. All of the possessed heroes flew backwards, all of their surroundings, and knocked all of them out.

Lightning then came out, looking a little beat up, and asked who threw the water, because it was a stroke of genius. Maim said that it was the blue Emerald, called a Discard Emerald. She said she remembered that there were 7 of them, each controlling a diffrerent element, and that they were all hidden on this land. Lightning then said to split up and look for the remaining emeralds, since they could help against Thunder.

TO BE CONTINUED............