HERE IT IS! The final part to the Lightning the Hedgehog (Future) saga. With the discovery of a new set of
Lightning Powns Thunder Fighters MS 272

A repaint of Sonic (looking like Lightning) and a repaint of Knuckles (looking like Thunder). These characters weren't originally re-colors, but I got bored and made this.

emeralds, the evil god-like Thunder's return, the world appearing like it's going to end, and only 6 heroes can save the world. You definintely don't want to miss this!

The team split up so that they could look for the remaining Discard Emeralds. All went in different directions.

Teck found the first one. He was smart enough to look around the same area he found the first one, and was a little too scared to look anywhere else.He found another one, but he was thinking to himself that it looked like the first one, except this one was light blue. He was thinking that it could be just like the first one he found before a dark monster came and attacked him. It was a creature created by Thunder, of course, to try to prevent the team from getting any advantage they had to stop him. Teck didn't know what to do, but the emerald did something for him. It shot a big beam of ice towards the monster, instantly freezing it. This Discard Emerald controlled ice.

Then at another place, Claws was looking sround a few ditches and hills. Claws found a yellow emerald in between a few rocks, and was about to take it back. But many dark creatures appeared around Claws, surroundin him and preventing him from escaping. They overpowered Claws, as he was trying to protect himself by extending his claws in front of him for defense. But the emerald glowed, and shot electricity towards Claws' claws, and defected and hit all monsters surrounding him, destroying them instantly. This Discard Emerald controlled electricity.

Dext was looking through the Temple. He was there for a while before he found a green emerald. Then, almost instantly, about three or four mosters showed up to attck him. Dext punched and kicked them, but it seemed to do noe effect. When the monsters were going to finish off Dext, the emerald glowed, and a bunch of vines and roots came out of the ground and the walls, tied themselves to the monsters, and sqeezed them and banged them on the walls to hard that the monsters dissappeared in a puff of smoke. This Discard Emerald controlled nature.

At another area, Maim was looking for a Discard Emerald at a place near a cliff. For some reason, she knew where to look, because almost instantly she found a brown emerald, which camoflauged with it's surroundings. When she was heading out, a bunch of monsters came. She somehow expected it, and se aimed her cuffs at the monsters. The cuffs opened, to reveal a bunch of lasters and mini-missles in them, and started shhoting all the monsters. Only a couple of monsters were defeated. When she was running out of ammo, the brown emerald glowed, and the ground surrounding the monsters was raised, and the monsters flew away of into the ocean. This Discard Emerald controled earth.

Then, Flame was looking in a clear area, with only a few holes and dead trees. He found a red Discard Emerald in a hole in a tree. Then many dark monsters appeared and attacked Flame. Flame was shooting all the fire attacks he had, but was countered by dark powers being shot from the monsters. When Flame hadn't gained one hit, the red emerald glowed, and all of the monsters were set on fire and destroyed. Flame turned around and saw the emerald glowing, realizing it wasn't him who did that. This Discard Emerald controlled fire.

Lightning was the last one to find one, as he was more looking around his old home. But he found a white-grayishcDiscard Emerald near a big hole. A hole that went miles into the ground, whinch Lightning remembered having to dig with a few other Electrons. But then, the most monsters out of all the others came to stop Lightning. Lightning was Spin Dashing all of the monsters, and only a few out of about 30 were defeated. Then, the white emerald glowed, and a huge gust of wind blew all of the monsters into the hole, for who knows how deep. This Discard Emerald controlled wind. When Lightning took it, he was wondering what he was going to do with it, and how he was going to go up against Thunder with them. But when Lightning was about to leave with the emerald, the emerald glowed, and brought Lightning to a place surrounde by black. Lightning didn't know where he was until a big vision of the future appeared in fromt of him. It showed Lightning with all seven Discard Emeralds, and then a big flash of light happened, and Lightning was turned into a whole new super form, one where he glowed different colors and was flying, and then showed him flying towards the place Thunder was. Then a flash of light happened, and Lightning was back at the place where everyone was supposed to meet up. Lightning then knew what to do.

After a few minutes, everyone showed up at the meeting point. They told each other what their emeralds did, and they all asked Lightning what they were supposed to do with them. Lightning told themto give it to them. He then told him about the vision, then everyone followed orders. They gave Lightning the Discard Emeralds. Lightning was then wondering what he had to do. Then, he thought to himself, to do the same thing he did with the Chaos Emeralds over 5,000 years ago. He brought them around him, then the emeralds were raised to the air. The s=circled around him, and Lightning started hovering in the air. Then there was a huge flash of light, and Lightning was in his new form: Rainbow Lightning. Lightning now had colors waving around his body, and his body was really shining brightly. And instead of his bottom side spike going up and his top side spike going down, it was the complete opposite. Lightning then flew to where Thunder was: The final battle. Lightning thought to himself that this was it, and he had no regrets. He flew to Thunder, ready for their final confrotation.

When Lightning flew into the center of the dark cloud, he fond Thunder. Thunder laughed, saying that he was surprised Lightning survive. But even in that form with all the emeralds, Thunder said, it wasn't enough to beat him. Lightning said that he is more powerful then he was now. Thunder laughed again, saying that in the past, Thunder had to wait until he was an adult to reach his full potential. Then he said it's been 5,000 years since then, so Thunder was more powerful than he ever wanted to be. Then Thunder started growing, extra armes started being produced, wings grew from his back, and Thunder grew into a even bigger, powerful, and terryfying monster he was before. Thunder then said, in a creepy, distorted voice, that Lightning will die along with everyone in the world. They flew towards each other, ready for combat.

Lightning flew at lightning fast speed around Thunder. and then attacked Thunder in the face, but Thunder hardly felt a thing. He then punched Lightning with and extra arm, and then shot a huge blst of huge dark enerdy from his mouth. It his Lightning hard, but he recovered quickly. Lightning then shot a huge blast of .water from one hand, spraying Thunder, then on the other hand, shot a blast of electricity, shocking Thunder with double the damage. Thunder was a little injured, but he then felw at Lightning, trying to bite him with his big teeth. Lightning dodged quickly, and then shot from both of his hands an beam of ice, freezing parts of Thunder, like his wings and arms. Thunder couldn't move that much after that, so Lightning took that chance to atack Thunder everywhere to try to discover a weak point. When he hit Thunder in the black lightning mark on his chest, Thunder screamed a loud, ear-hurting scream, and then Lightning knew that was a weak point. He then started shooting a bunch of Electric Spin Dashes there, but when Thunder broke the ice, he shot a huge blst of dark and electric energy from all around him, knocking Lightning and almost defeating him. But when Lightning recovered and was about to attack Thunder, Thunder took the chance to take a huge bite at Lightning. It seemed Thunder had won. He had ate Lightning.

But when Thunder was overfilled with joy, he then felt awful. His whole body was glowing with different colors. Then, his whole body exploded, and Lightning came out of it. When everything was cleared up, Thunder, now in his regular form, appeared just lying in the air. Lightning then grabbed Thunder, and flew the both of them to the core of the dark storm, the storm that would destroy the world. Lightning then threw Thunder up there, and he was sucked in the core. Lightning then brought all of his power to one attack. He produced a electricity orb, then an ice, water, fire, nature, earth, and wind orb. He then comined them to make one big orb. He then focused all of his energy to this one attack, and then shot a huge beam, the Rainbow Beam, to the core. As the beam was was being shot, the core of the storm was being destroyed, growing smaller and smaller until a big BANG destroyed the whole thing.

All of the monsters and dark creatures on the planet dissapeared in puffs of smoke, and the smoke was all oing to the dark cloud. The dark cloud, as the smoke came to it, grew smaller and smaller. Evetually everything that would've destroyed the hworld dissappeared. Then, out of the small dark cloud, came a huge beam, which made a huge wave that went around the whole planet. The wave fixed everythig that was destroyed, and healed anybody who was ijured, basically making it seem like everything never happened. Then, the dark cloud separated, into it's own puff of smoke, until it dissolved into nothingness.

Back at the Electron Civilization, Claws, Maim, Flame, Dext, and Teck were celebrating. The madness was over, the world was saved, and everything was back to normal. But Claws said that it wasn't normal yet.

Lightning wasn't there.