This news that I just heard could be considered a runner-up for the ultimate SHIZ-NIT. Somebody's makin' a new Sonic movie, but a fan film. I heard this guy who's makin' it made a Mega Man movie that I heard was awesome, so I'll give you one guess how awesome this movie's gonna be! And the person who's going to be voicing Sonic is gonna be none other than his original voice actor: JALEEL WHITE! The trailer's pretty cool lookin'. I'll even give you a link to it!:

If your smart enough to click that link, than you must be even smarter to see the movie!

Information has been released that it will probably be 10-20 minutes, and it will be mainly focusing on the original 3 games, with some elements from the television series and the comics. Plus, the guy who creating it said he looked through all of Sonic's past designs and made the Modern Sonic design with no major changes. They also said that it will be or download, too. But if it's a new Sonic movie, you can assume that I'll be the first one to get it!