Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you all that on Saturday I'm leaving early (reeeeeaaaaaaalllllllly early, to be exact) for Boy Scout Summer Camp. I know when I'm leaving, but I don't know when I'm coming back. I'm making this blog so everyone here can tell me what's changed while I was gone. I really want you to comment since I really love this place and I don't want to feel left out on anything.

I know you're thinking: "It's Thursday, and you still have another day here, so why don't you make this blog tommorow?!" To tell the truth, I'm going to TRY to find time to go on here, but I'm probably going to be busy with last-minute packing and other things. It's the first time I'm not going with my older brother or my dad, since they're in New Mexico, so my mom's going to be extremely worried and won't stop nagging me about if I have anything, if I have my handbook, and all that jazz. So I'm making it today so I will have time to do everything else before I leave.

And to let everybody know I'm here, when I come back from camp, I'm going to post on this blog that I'm back, so you don't have to keep commenting about everything that's happened or changed. And if it doesn't have my Shadow picture or my name on the comment, then it's not me.

Things I Would Like Everyone to do In My Abcense:

  • More people to comment on my other blogs, so I know people like them and they weren't wastes of my time
  • The people on XAT to keep giving me available users as suggestions for a new Sonic Heroes-y team
  • Vandals to feel our wrath
  • Nobody to edit my user page or talk page, only if you're leaving a message on my talk page. If anybody sees that on the wikia activity, then undo it, please.
  • Somebody who has a Photosmart to tell me how to scan images
  • Nobody to criticize fan characters, especially if they're re-colors, 'cause that ain't cool, yo.
  • People to read Archie Sonic # 225/226. They're awesome! (And SilverTheHedgehogMan, if you're reading this, get 225, because Sally gets killed :()
  • Sonic100jam to keep rockin' his 20th Anniversary blog
  • No edit wars
  • No arguments on this blog
  • Somebody to fix my talk page. All of the top messages are smushed together.
  • People to tell me what's changed on the SNN on this blog
  • Everybody here to keep being as awesome as you already are!

You can comment now, if anybody wants, but I want everybody to actually inform me if anything's changed. I don't want to feel left out.

Keep on jucin'!

Huh. Nobody told me what I missed here. I hate being left out, and I guess I was.