Hey, guys. I'm here today to dicuss the similarities that Sonic has between the two series that I said above. If you're tired of hearing people say that Sonic is SOLELY based on DBZ, or if you think that, then this might change the way you think about the Sonic series and how it is more similar to Mario. WARNING: This may end up being too long.

Subject 1: Sonic=Dragon Ball Z: Many people speculate that everything that has to do with Sonic is based on DBZ, but there are basically NOTHING that is in the Sonic series that is based on DBZ. EXs of why people think this (note that these most likely aren't true; just what people speculate): Chaos Emeralds=Dragon Balls, Super forms=Super Saiyans, Eggman=Freeza, Amy=Chichi, Shadow's rivalry with Sonic=Vegeta's rivalry with Goku, Chaos=Cell, etc..

And, I heard that Sonic=Goku. How can the fastest hedgehog in the world be based on an anime dude with a monkey tail?!

But has anyone thought that this may just be a coincidence? I mean, people think Chaos Emeralds are based on Dragon Balls because each has 7 of them. Well, has anybody remembered that there were 6 Emeralds in the beginning, then 7, then 8 in Fighters, then 16 in Spinball (all of them were blue, by the way), until they stuck with 7, but in the Archie Comics there were hundreds of Emeralds. And the Super forms=Super Saiyans isn't nesescarily true. Yuji Naka may have been a Dragon Ball fan, but that doesn't prove anything! They may be a reference to the Mario forms (which I'll discuss later). And all of the Sonic characters having some relation to the DBZ characters, that's not true, too. There's probably hundreds of characters from thousands of series that share the same traits as the DBZ characters. So basically, Sonic being based on DBZ is really not true because many other series (from books, movies, shows, and games) that may share these same aspects.

Subject 2: Sonic=Mario: Sonic is more based on Mario than any other series is. Exs: Rings=Coins / Televisions that hold power-ups=blocks that do the same thing / Eggman=Bowser / Amy=(somewhat) Peach / Badniks=Koopas and Goombas / Shadow's rivalry with Sonic=Wario's rivalry with Mario / etc. (I could go on for hours about this!).

Also, Sonic's powered-up forms (Super, Hyper, Darkspine, etc.) could be based on Mario's power-ups (Rainbow, Bee, Cloud, Boo, etc.). Since many great game series have characters change their form (Kirby, Sonic, Mario, etc.) it could just be like a common game gimmick to make the game more fun.

And Mario and Sonic started out as very similar platforming heroes, and each shared many similarities, one of them being a great deal of fans. I even read somewhere that somebody came up with the idea for Sonic by dashing during a MARIO game. Plus, Sonic was, at some point in time, considered better than Mario. And you can even trace a few thing from the Sonic games to Mario. EX. Shadow looks like Sonic. Wario looks like Mario. Shadow's extreme rivals with Sonic. Wario's extreme rivals with Mario.

If you don't believe me on this Mario stuff, go to Mario's article and it shows the full list of similarities, and there's probably even more than what's listed there.

So, Sonic being based on DBZ is not entirely true, because other characters from other series share the same similarities. Sonic being based on Mario is the one that's probably true, due to the large amount of similarities and similar gameplay and story elements. I mean, if Sonic wasn't like Mario, than how did he bring SEGA waaaay up in the game wars, and made Sonic the only character to be able to rival Mario. That's a big accomplishment that takes a lot of work. Sonic=Dragon Ball Z is the lamest statement ever and Sonic=Mario is the one that's most likely true.