If any of you checked out my second blog post "The Missing Links of Sonic History," then you must know that there have been some characters (scratch that: A LOT) who haven't been appearing in recent Sonic games.

Well, if any of you have checked ot some of the trailers of Sonic Generations, you'll notice that there are characters and enemies that haven't been seen for YEARS. Prime examples: Fang, Bean, Bark, Mighty, and Ray all have cameos in City Escape, and Buzzbomber, Moto Bug, Crabmeat, Big Arm, and G.U.N.'s robots all appear as enemies. This must mean that not only past and forgoten stages and enemies appear, but characters from past Sonic games appear! Generations must be a game like no other, because one time characters and one time stages will be getting a major comeback! I guess SEGA really meant that this game will be celebrating the past 20 years.

For all that we know, Heavy, Bomb, Metal Knuckles, Tails Doll, and maybe other characters that never appeared in another Sonic game will appear. And maybe......the characters that have cameos will maybe be featured as characters for the main story!

But wait.... they said a mysterious new enemy creates "time holes" and Sonic goes through his past and meets some SUPRISES along the way! This could mean that Sonic will meet those characters again in the main story! Even Tails Doll! And maybe those time holes will bring BACK those characters so they can be recurring characters?!? What do YOU think?