Hey, guys. I'm back from BSA summer camp, which wasn't all that fun of a time. Anyway, while there, I came up with a theory of what Blaze's planet's name could be.

We all know game Sonic's planet is called Earth, just like ours, and there are things called earthquakes, where the Earth shakes up and moves and whatnot. I think that's why they call it a earthquake, because the Earth itself moves. In Sonic Rush Adventure, Marine shouted earthquake when one was happening. Why would she scream earthquake when her planet may not be called Earth, and she not shout "Whateverherplanet'snameisquake!" She probably wouldn't even know the word Earth since it's not the name of her planet. Or is it? That's my theory. That Blaze's planet could possibly be an alternate Earth, kinda like there's aternate Mobiuses in the Archie Comics. I mean, SEGA took some features from the AC to make a game (Sonic Chronicles), so they could've used another thing from the comics to make Blaze's planet. Tell me what you think. And please no negative comments, since this is only a theory. I'm not saying it's true, so if you don't believe me and think I'm stupid for thinking about this OR you have the urge to make fun of me because of this, please don't put it on here.