Well, this is my first blog post in a while. But let's get down to business at the subject of this blog. 

Users here who were around between May 6, 2012 to March 2013 (or at least around that time) may remember my comic series, When Wacky Worlds Collide, which starred my Sonic fan character Lightning the Hedgehog and my original comic/cartoon character Kippy the Chipmunk (©MetalShadow272). There were almost 90 issues made so far, each belonging to 9 different Volumes, or collections of different issues. Some of you may have forgotten, some may have not. 

I left the wiki for a couple of months after a certain demotion I had. That leave turned out to be a much needed break that I should have had a very long time ago. But I stopped making WWWC issues to appear on the wiki. But I thought that I couldn't leave the comic with an unfinished story, so I decided to release new issues on my deviantArt account. I have, so far, released one dA exclusive issue there, one some people here may not have known was out. The current comic is halfway completed, but it still has a ways to go. 

But now that my break is over, summer's started, and I have nothing else to do. I estimate that many WWWC issues could be released during this vacation. I'm relaxed and ready to do something, so I was thinking: Since I'm back, I thought that there may be some people here who would want to see the comics series again. I'm willing to make more for your, the users, enjoyment, so I have an announcement: When Wacky Worlds Collide is returning to the Sonic News Network. 

There will be a catch, though. The future Volumes I have planned (including the Volume 9, the Volume that hasn't ended after all these months) will feature big issues that will be part of a recurring story. To help you users suffer less from long loading times and occasional computer glitches and lags, each issue will have their own blog. This will make it easier to keep up with the comics, and will also help yourselves from long loading times. Hoewever, I will still stick to the formula that each story will be 10 issues long. To help keep them organized, each story will gain a title, and it will look something like this, for example: "When Wacky Worlds Collide: Destroy All Hedgehogs Issue 1" or something like that (P.S. That isn't just some random title I came up with at the last second, hint hint). Comic making may also take a long time, due to the large size of the comics. But even though they may take a while to make, each comic will be worth the wait, filled with action, adventure, suspense, romance, drama, and a whole lotta' laughs that had kept me making these comics for as long as I have. 

Be prepared for a new issue coming soon!  - MetalMickey272

And as an added bonus, I'm sure some of you have never seen the dA exclusive comic (Issue 87 1/2). So, without further ado, for those who haven't seen, here it is: 

Issue 7andahalf