WHUZZUP???, everyone? It's time to show you guys Volume 2 of my comic series, When Wacky Worlds Collide! For those of you who didn't know, this comic series stars my Sonic fan character Lightning the Hedgehog, and my original character, also my oldest friend, Kippy the Chipmunk! Also, since Volume 1 of my comic was deleted, I will show the entire Volume 1 of this series before I start Volume 2, for those of you who need to get caught up in this series. Enjoy reading!

And to see more pictures of Lightning and Kippy, along with many, many others, go to my other blog: Finally! I Can Make Better Pictures! 

Volume 1

And now, to Volume 2!

Issue 1: George the Chao

George the Chao

Issue 2: Presents


Issue 3: Dire Importance

Dire Importance

Issue 4: The Very Important Announcement

The Very Important Announcement

Issue 5: Barf


Issue 6: Shadow and Lightning

Shadow and Lightning

Issue 7: The Mustache

The ,Mustache

Issue 8: Scariest Thing Ever

Scariest Thing Ever

Issue 9: Kippy's Mouth

Kippy's Mouth

Issue 10: Where's Cheese?

Where's Cheese