WHUZZUP???, users of the Sonic News Network? I'm here to introduce the new installment to my When Wacky Worlds Collide series, Volume 5! To learn more about this comic series, the characters, and to see the past volumes in this series, check them out here. But for now, enjoy!

Issue 1: Destiny Calling

Destiny Calling

Issue 2: Cartoon Center

Cartoon Center

Issue 3: Cartoon Interviewing

Cartoon Interviewing

Issue 4: Goodbye to You

Goodbye to You

Issue 5: Kippy's Cartoon Dilemma

Kippy's Cartoon Dillema

Issue 6: The First Cartoon

The First Cartoon Kippy the Chipmunk is truly Property of MetalShadow272

Isssue 7: Lightning to the Rescue!

Lightning to the Rescue

Issue 8: Battle With the Egg Modern

Battle With the Egg Modern

Issue 9: Classic vs. Modern

Classic vs Modern

Issue 10: Kippy's Dream

Kippy's Dream