WHUZZUP???, users on the SNN? I'm here to introduce Volume 6 of my drawn comic series, When Wacky Worlds Collide, a comic starring my Sonic fan character Lightning the Hedgehog and my original character Kippy the Chipmunk. To learn more about the series, the characters featured in the series, and to see previous Volumes, check it all out here. Now, it's time to start the Volume!

Issue 1: Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Issue 2: Lonely Dax

Lonely Dax

Issue 3: The First Attempt

The First Attempt

Issue 4: The Second Attempt

The Second Attempt

Issue 5: The Third Attempt

The Third Attempt

Issue 6: No More Attempts

No More Attempts

Issue 7: One Last Attempt

One Last Attempt

Issue 8: Ready for Action

Ready for Action

Issue 9: Party Crashers

Party Crashers

Issue 10: A Beautiful Ending

A Beautiful Ending