WHUZZUP???, users of the SNN? You get the idea...It's time for the 8th installment of my drawn, ongoing comic series, When Wacky Worlds Collide! A comic starring my Sonic fan character, Lightning the Hedgehog, and also starring my original character and long-time best friend, Kippy the Chipmunk! To see previous Volumes in this comic series, or to learn just a little more information about the the comic series, the characters in it, and more, look here. Now, it's time to begin!

Issue 1: The George Identity

The George Identity

Issue 2: The George Makeover

The George Makeover

Issue 3: The George...What the Heck Just Happened?!

The George What the Heck Just Happened

Issue 4: The George Meeting

The George Meeting

Issue 5: The George Goodbye

The George Goodbye

Issue 6: The George Journey

The George Journey

Issue 7: The George Search

The George Search

Issue 8: The George Confrontation

The George Confrontation

Issue 9: The George Brawl

The George Brawl

Issue 10: The George Ultimatum

The George Ultimatum

Credits go to the Mystical Forest Zone for sprites. Lightning the Hedgehog sprites made by SpyroSonic2000 and Fly the Fox. Kippy the Chipmunk sprites made by SpyroSonic2000.