WHUZZUP???, fellow users of the SNN? The time has come to introduce yet another installment to the comic series When Wacky Worlds Collide! The comic series stars my Sonic fan character Lightning the Hedgehog and my original character Kippy the Chipmunk, showing what could happen when the worlds of fanon and originality collide! To learn more about the comic series, along with seeing past Volumes in this series, go here. But right now, it's time to get this party started! Enjoy!

Issue 1: Eggman's Plan

Eggman's Plan

Issue 2: An Unwanted Interference

An Unwanted Interference

Issue 3: Calling the Warriors

Calling the Warriors

Issue 4: Rise of the Warriors

Rise of the Warriors

Issue 5: Breaking In and Entering

Issue 6: Almost to Perfection

Almost to Perfection