Three years...three years...

That's right, y'all, today, April 24, is my "wikiversary," the day when I made my account for Wikia, specifically starting right here. I've been here for three full years, in case you didn't get the message. I normally don't make these types of blogs, celebrating birthdays, editing achievements, wikiversaries, etc, but today I decided to join the bandwagon. Very fun thing to ride, best to ride in the back so you can fly when you hit a bump, always a fun thing to do--*ahem*.

Y'know, it doesn't feel that long. It still feels like I just became a user last week. I had a very rough start, but throughout these few years I've grown and learned, and I'm still doing so to this day. Let's see, how does the story go...? I don't remember much of the story, but I'll tell what I can.

So one day, some small, lost child was wandering this website. He was interested and made one account, which he lost the password of. He made another one, and again lost the password of it. Months later he decided to make an account called "MetalShadow272." Now, this MetalShadow272 wasn't the coolest kid around. He was new to wiki, had trouble socializing, and was extremely immature, especially for someone his age. He taught himself the ropes (somewhat), and worked to gain edits and gain some recognition on the wiki.

After a while, in summer 2011, this kid was invited by a certain wolf to come to a chatting website called XAT. There, many active SNN users at the time went there to chat, including Bullet Francisco, ~Flare, ShadowDragon135, Eycestar, and a few others, and he made his first good friends there. Occasional attacks and drama occurred, but we had some good times.

During this time, MetalShadow272 felt the need to entertain, so he started to take after these users and write fanfictions. These involved his fan character, Lightning the Hedgehog, and several other fan characters of his going on adventures.

Eventually, these users abandoned XAT for Skype, and I was left without a real way to communicate with these guys...until the SNN acquired a chat feature.

MetalShadow272 was chosen as one of the original chat moderators, and while he helped moderate the chat he made some longlasting friends, including The Shadow Of Darkness, FreeSmudger, Mariosonic15 (mentioned you, happy?), SpyroSonic2000, ModrenSonic, Ohmygod123, BlueSpeeder, and many others. He did his best to help, but he thought he did a horrible job at it. In early 2012, he eventually pulled a horrible prank on another website, one that was brought onto here and earned him a demotion. He pulled a huge tantrum, left the wiki for a bit, then came back. He got promoted back to chat moderator within a few months.

During this time, the idiot decided he wanted to entertain others even more, so he decided to make a hand-drawn comic series featuring his same fan character, but added some original characters to the mix. The comic went on for more than a year, but was ultimately cancelled.

The rest 2012 and the beginning of 2013 is just mixed memories that bear no real significance, but in the beginning of 2013 he was demoted once again, threw a tantrum once again, and left the wiki once again, this time lasting a few months. He came back a while later, being fooled into coming back by a certain user, but he used his time away to grow and mature. A few months later he was once again promoted back to chat moderator. Since it's become SNN tradition, he eagerly awaits his next demotion.

Sometime around late-2013, MetalShadow272 changed his name to MetalMickey272.

The rest of the years have no real significance, or at least if they do, he doesn't remember them. Overall, he's had some memorable moments during his time here and has done, not as much as he hopes he could, but has done some good things here and there that have helped and had a semi-lasting effect on here, if there was any at all. Today, he's currently awaiting a time where he can make a major difference, but for now he's continuing to learn and grow with his fellow colleagues.

And there, a little history of me.

...Oh, I bet you guys are wondering where the "free cheese and corn" are. Well, I hope this thing is cheesy and corny enough:

Cheesy and corny

Well, hope that was cheesy and corny enough (sorry, you have to pay for barf bags).

T-T-F-N! Ta ta for now!

- MetalMickey272