WHUZZUP???, SNN people? Remember the few pictures I made in the past? Well, I promised myself that if I ever get the chance to bring better pictures on here, I would make a blog about it. Now, I got a graphic artist tablet that allows me to make better pictures on the computer. Still not nearly as good as the ones I make using pencil and paper, but they're better than the past ones I made. So here's a few I made, and I plan to add more in the future!

(PS: This is not inspired by Cesar's blog, since I planned to do something like this before that blog was made.)

Sonic Characters:

Sonic Fan Characters

Lightning and Others



Non-Sonic Related Characters

My Original Characters

Please don't steal them.




Maim's Epic Quest

This is a picture story, made by me, which will be telling a story through the use of pictures. It will revolve around Maim the Hedgehog going on an epic quest to find her back pack. The captions below the pictures shall describe what's going on.

Some Pictures I Edited

Chat Images:

Storytime With Uncle Metal

Here's a little story I created on the chat on January 9, 2012. I'm surprised. I thought of one in less than 10 seconds. And it was pretty good. I'm not really a "fast thinker." Anyway, here's the story for all of you to enjoy.

An Epic Apology


The Questions of Life

Babies: The Truth of Their Creation

The Coming of Oswald

Some Valentine's Day Questions

The Coming of Cheese

Welcome to the emote/chat family, Cheese, the epic imaginary friend from the epic show Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends!!!

Inside Joke Time!

Cheese Acting

Clowns Are Evil

Dude is Ready

During a PM with SoinicTheHedgehogDude, we tested to see if he's got what it takes to handle Chat Mod. From the looks of things, I believe he does. Now YOU see if he's ready.

Before You Leave...

My Story of Chrome

The Good Stuff



R2D2! I Choose You!

Who Is This?!

They Call Him Tired

The Greatest Swears EVER


Just as Planned

Best Cheese and Fred Fredburger Acting EVER

Darkness Is Ready

Remember that test I did for SonicTheHedgehogDude when he was running for Chat Mod? Well, I did the same for The Shadow Of Darkness. So if you don't believe he's ready for Chat Mod, take a look at THIS.

Storytime With Uncle Metal Part 2!

A story about the history and creation of one of my fan characters: Maim the Hedgehog.

The elephant RETURNS!

Would You Like To Shoot Me Now?

This happens in a PM between me and SandraThePorcupine. Don't worry. I got her permission to use it.

Time for School! With Uncle Metal


Cool Story Bro. Tell It Again.

Numbers, Oh Boy


Mod Once Again!

Tomorrow's Tomorrow