Doing some translating, I revealed the true english subtitles of the Eggman and Deadly Six cutscene from Sonic Lost World. Here it is:

Part 1

Eggman: Transformation 101! From animal to Badnik! Boom! An instant army! I need a huge army if you intend to conquer the world.

Zavok: I see what you're made a conqueror.

Eggman: If hehehe... The truth is that if I conquer you, or not? And, with your help, not only will conquer the world, but will destroy this blue nuisance forever!

Part 2

Zavok: Eggman wants to destroy the hedgehog.

Zazz: Hehehe! Well, well... Yes! I want to destroy something!

Zavok: That's what I liked about you Zazz. Always ready to fight, neither guide you wonder against you face.

Zazz: Hehehe! As you know! Tell me who and where and I'll do pieces!

Zavok: Win or not, I will learn something new from our enemy.