Hey look, we're getting close to Five-Thousand Pages? I want to group up with some users and get to our 5,000 pages real soon. Let's work hard and make the next 20 pages. There's lots of gaps to fill. Like, TV Series, Example: Sonic Underground Episodes. There's plenty of stuff we need. If we get 5,000 that'd be great! TEAM 5K ASSEMBLE!


Articles Made

  1. Harmony or Something
  2. Peter Wilds
  3. Blast to the Past, Part 2
  4. The Doomsday Project
  5. Paulie
  6. The Magic Hassle
  7. Cry of the Wolf
  8. Ultra Sonic (episode)
  9. Sonic Past Cool
  10. Hooked on Sonics
  11. Sonic's Nightmare
  12. Harmonic Sonic
  13. Wedding Bell Blues
  14. Robbie London
  15. Warp Sonic
  16. Sonic and the Secret Scrolls
  17. Spyhog
  18. Underground Masquerade


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  • It is required to tell me on My Talkpage if you made an article.
  • As a member you should help, okay? :3
  • Please remember, this is about making articles. But make sure the articles are nicely done.