Shadow the Hedgehog 2 ideas

Hey! this is a page where im sharing my ideas for the next installment cause my other one is going to be deleated.

Opening Cutscene

Shadow is being sworn in to G.U.N. with the President himself. President-"....And it is with great honor that I present Shadow the highest honor the Gold Heart. (Clapping and cheering start.) (We fade out and back in to Shadow's barracks.) Shadow is resting on his bed when an alarm sounds. Alarm-Warning!!! Warning!!! Security breach in Sector Nine!!! Emergency lockdown initiated. (Right then Shadow sees a Shadow Android run by his window.) Shadow- What the.... (Shadow jumps out the window third-story window to follow the Android.

The First Level: Android Chase

Shadow starts the level jumping out of the window and landing on a runway and the chase starts. He runs avoiding the planes that are bombing the runway cause they think the player is the Android. At the end of the runway there is a drop-off and you land on the top of a building and start jumping from rooftop to rooftop running into G.U.N. on the occasion and using sentry droids to traverse larger gaps. At the end of the buildings there is a rocket that will take you to the streets of Central City (there is still some damage from the Black Aliens attack but all of the green goop is gone) Now you are dodging cars and running away from Armored Vehicle Carriers (AVC's) and at the end of the road there is a blockade you have to chain attack sentry droids to get over and after that is the goal.


Just so everyone knows i am releasing a new paragraph on my blog every day, and on the off chance that SEGA or the Sonic Team is reading this i don't care if you use my ideas.

Mini-Boss: Shadow Android

Between two lanes of traffic Shadow and Shadow Android will duel. He will fight exactly like he did in the first game exept more health.

After the Fight Cutscene

Shadow walks up to the badly damaged Android. Shadow-"Give me back those files.... or else!" (right then an Eggman battleship appears over them and Shadow Android gets beamed into the ship and the ship warps away. Shadow- "Shoot!" (then Sonic shows up) Sonic-"Where do you think your going?" Shadow- "Ugggh, what do you want." Sonic-"Don't play dumb, I know you took those files." Shadow-"Sonic the Idiot I don't have it, so just BACK OFF!!!" Sonic- "Fine we'll do this the hard way." Shadow- "I don't have time for this." "CHAOS CONTROL!!!" (Shadow warps away from Sonic leaving him frustrated.)

The Second Level: Egg Fleet

I want this level to work like the "Mach Speed Levels" in Sonic '06. Shadow comes out of his warp and is moving across the deck of a battleship at full speed and goes off a dash panel and has a large fall, lands and keeps on running dodging a bunch of gun implacements. Then you run through a corridor, jump over a wall, and chain attack multiple Eggman robots to cross a chasm that drops into endless sky below. After traversing this Shadow goes out into a grind to land on another battleship, and after that i don't know. I'm just throwing around ideas.

Intermission Cutscene

Part I

Shadow runs into Eggman entering the stolen files into his master computer, when Shadow interrupts shouting: Shadow- EGGFACE!!! (Eggman is suprised and starts fumbling with the files) Eggman- "What the...... well you're too late, the files from Project Gizoid are Mine!" (Shadow has a suprised look on his face) Eggman- "That's right Shadow. You got put on hold for this project, and you broke out of your containment unit and was attacked...... This was the project that ruined your life..... and Maria's." Shadow- "NO!"

Part II

(Shadow starts seeing black and white stills of Project Shadow being put on hold for Project Gizoid and realizes that if Project Gizoid had never been created he would have been done by then and might have been able to save Maria.) Shadow- URRRRRAHHHHH!!! (Shadow enters his Chaos form and starts tearing everything in sight.) Eggman-"Shadow Androids, restrain him! (We fade to black.)

Part lll

(We find Shadow passed out in a containment unit, starting to wake up.) Shadow-"What the..... CHAOS BLAST!!!" (Guess what??? He blows up the containment unit, then an alarm goes off and Egg Drones storm in.) Shadow- "Hmph! You think this can stop me?" (Shadow takes out the drones in a few seconds.) Shadow- "Were'nt expecting that were you?"

The Third Level: Egg Ship Escape

After Shadow escapes from the containment unit the gameplay starts and he's running throught a tight corridoor and goes off a dash panel and the corridoor ends and you see nothing but open sky and a battleship below. Before you land you are assalted by multiple Egg Robots that have jetpacks. (this part is just for show, they won't actually hit you.) After you land Shadow dashes forward. (this is another "Mach Speed Level" so Shadow runs forward automaticly) In another tight corridor you wall jump to avoid a large pit of spikes. After you gain some more speed you slide to avoid multiple doors that are slighty ajar. Next the player has a split second to decide which way to go, left or right. (I will finish the rest of it later.) It is now later. On the left path, you have to dodge moving walls with spikes coming out of them. On the right side there are more robots and some turrets you have to dodge and both paths intersect back onto the same area that opens up into a large arena type-thing and Shadow stops running forward and you now gain full control of Shadow's movements. (the gameplay now turns into tradintional Shadow the Hedgehog gameplay.) Now a bunch of robots come into the room and you have to defeat them to gain enough power to use Chaos Control to keep moving. In arena area you will run into multiple Shadow Androids and some bigger versions of some kind of Egg Sentry. After this area is the goal.

Gizoid Unleashed Cutscene

Part I

Shadow bursts into some kind of expirement room where Eggman has just opened a pod with steam coming out of it. Eggman-"Yes! Yeeeesssssss!!! Eggmanland is at hand!"(A huge roar emitts from the pod.) Gizoid slowly comes out of the pod. Shadow-"What the........" (Gizoid looks kinda like huge green metal lizard) Eggman-"Sick 'em!!!" (Shadow dodges a laser blast from Gizoid, jumps up to Eggman kicks him off his platform, and hits the self-destruct) Eggman-"After him!!" (Shadow leaves the room with Gizoid right behind him.

Part II

(We fade in to Shadow in the streets of Central City with him looking up at the sky at the flagship blowing up) Shadow- "Hmph!!" (Sonic and Knuckles arrive) Sonic-"I guess you wern't lying." Shadow-"Whadya doing here?" Knuckles-"We saw the whole thing." Sonic-"We ran into that Gizoid thing and mentioned something about the Chaos Emeralds." Shadow-"Then we'd better find them." Sonic-"Knuckles, go and secure the Master Emerald, it might be our only shot at stopping that thing. Me and Shadow will slow that thing down by getting the Chaos Emeralds before Gizoid does." Shadow-"Oh, great. I'm stuck with you. Sonic-"Lighten up, for once Shadow." Shadow-"Lets get going." (Knuckles and Sonic and Shadow split up.)