Well, It's been nearly six years since it came out, and still no sequel. If they have some ideas, we might as well invest in it. At least, I think that's how it works in a manner. Anyway, if they made a sequel what kind of ideas would you have? My ideas on how the game would leave off start like this: While under a barrage of lasers, the Cyclone crew uses what little Chaos power they have to make an uncoordinated teleportation somewhere else. Fortunately they survive and unfortunately they make a blind jump to another alternate dimension. The Anti universe of Planet Terra. With their ship damaged and the Emeralds once again scattered, the team does some travel and discover Fort Atlantis, the headquarters of the dominant Suppression Syndicate led by King Sinoc, Queen Rosalina Yma, and Emissaries Meters Power and Fist, and opposed by Doctor Ivan Robert Nixon and his rebels. Believing their counterparts to be the complicated protectors of Terra and having no other way to get back to Earth, the team decides to help catch Nixon only to find out that the Syndicate wishes to destroy all the universes outside of Terra. After getting back home, the team regroups with old characters like the Chaotix and others to fight the Eggman Empire. Eventually, after hard battles, they succeed in destroying Eggman's powerful super weapon and leave him in the blast radius. When it appears the world is at peace, Eggman returns in a downloaded Roboticized body and becomes a third body in a renewed war between good and evil. With Argus in the middle as well. That's just how I want to play it at anyway. With some optional character romances to boot.--Mike Gilbert 21:44, January 18, 2014 (UTC)