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    Just kidding! This is in English. XD

    You fell for it...didn't you? (Don't lie)

    I was gone because of several things, such as:

    • Homework
    • Homework 2: Revenge of Math
    • Homework 3: Night of the living science
    • I didn't felt like coming on because I was bored and most of the time y'all ignore me.
    • I was learning French.
    • Work on the YouTube Poop Wiki

    Anyways, I will slowly be returning. School isn't over for me yet (school ends for me on the 26th).

    What did I miss?

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    Okay, I know that I was absent November, but that because I moved. Anyways, I think it's best I take another leap of absence during December.

    Why you may ask? Christmas. That's why, if your confused then allow me to explain:

    I am a Jew, so I celebate Hanukkah. Every December it's only about Christmas, never Hanukkah. I can tell it's the same on this wiki, and when I'm in an environment that's Christmas this and Christmas that I tend to get more angry and agressive. So for the sake of this wiki, I will be absent during December to prevent myself from rage flaming. EBOLO.

    If anyone needs me, I will still be on the YouTube Poop Wiki (we're celebrating all winter holidays there). Best of luck and happy holidays! MilezTailzPrower 03:51, December 1, 201…
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    Troll-lala! It's obvoius that there is a connecting between the Sonic franchise and My Little Pony franchise. So I did a deep look into both, and will now say my results.

    My Little Pony is a Sonic knock off is something I heard before, from my studies, I can conclude that while My Little Pony isn't a knock off on Sonic, but is based on Sonic.

    What I have learned is that many MLP characters are based on Sonic characters. Here are some of my examples:

    If you think they are compeletly different, then think about it. Take Sonic and change him to a female pony, you got Dash.

    It's not only their speed that's simular, it's also personaility. Here's a list of personaility simularities:

    • Think and acts fast
    • Self-confident
    • Loyalty to their friends

    Okay, this …

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    Okay, so this is about the Sonic Boom Wiki, a wiki which I'm a admin on. The problem is that the community is pretty small. BlackFelineDarkness had join already, and I'm hoping to help expand that beyond what is pretty much two users at this point. So if you interested here's the link:

    Thank you all for reading this.

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    Dream or Vision?

    August 11, 2014 by MilezTailzPrower

    Okay, this is really weird. So a while back I had a dream of a Sonic the Hedgehog movie. CGI/Live action, which has a Smurfs like storyline.

    I then woke up, went on my computer and guess what I found out. That they're planning a Sonic the Hedgehog Movie! I was really confused, and when people started to bring up the Smurfs thing - I was confused once again. I decided to keep it to myself until I come down a bit about my dream. So if the movie turns out to have a Smurfs like storyline. Then I will never underestimate my dreams again.

    If you think I'm making this up, your wrong. I can't prove it, so you have to trust me. If your wondering why I didn't say this sooner, if you had a dream that was somewhat accurate of future events (100% accurate…

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