Troll-lala! It's obvoius that there is a connecting between the Sonic franchise and My Little Pony franchise. So I did a deep look into both, and will now say my results.

My Little Pony is a Sonic knock off is something I heard before, from my studies, I can conclude that while My Little Pony isn't a knock off on Sonic, but is based on Sonic.

What I have learned is that many MLP characters are based on Sonic characters. Here are some of my examples:

Sonic and Rainbow Dash

If you think they are compeletly different, then think about it. Take Sonic and change him to a female pony, you got Dash.

It's not only their speed that's simular, it's also personaility. Here's a list of personaility simularities:

  • Think and acts fast
  • Self-confident
  • Loyalty to their friends

Twilight Sparkle and Tails

Okay, this is what got my intention the most.

Once again personality simularities list:

  • Smart
  • Somewhat shy
  • Rational

This is what I have gotten so far. I will probably update this blog with more information in the future.

And you guys think trolls can't be smart :D