I would like to give a shout out to lots of people, for helping my dream come true!

To Feline, WhiteFox and Leia, for begging me to join, and having the patience to ask for weeks.

To Geeky, Sesn, Mystic Monkey, Krazy Company, YourFutureIsMe, and heaps of other people that i haven't mentioned, for helping me on my first days as an SNN member!

And to everyone else, yep. All you little milk bottles! Everyone who commented, helped me out, even looked at this blog post! Every little bit helps me out tremendously.

I know that i am very new, and a tiny part of the SNN community, but i am proud to have that status. I am proud that i made a blog post and people commented on it. I am happy to be me.That is what is truly important, milk bottles. That you be yourself and you be proud of it!

Stay sweet, my little milk bottles!