• Mimi the Fox

    Shadow and Mimi

    March 3, 2010 by Mimi the Fox

    Shadow: I really appreciate the fact of having a girlfriend... But not Mimi! To tell you the truth, she's CRAZY! I'm going completely INSANE because of her... She talks to me EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF EVERY SINGLE DAY! I can't take it... No, not at all...

    Mimi: What do I like about my boyfriend? A lot of things! He's smart, talented, and that emo look... It's AMAZINGLY HOT!

    Shadow: I am NOT emo!

    Mimi: Well, whatever... But he likes this girl called Hazel... She's a pain in my butt. Every day I find Shadow with Hazel, it's annoying! I wish she'd just die. That way I can spend time with Shadow! But I guess he's too good for me... Well, I'm going to follow him forever and ever!

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