Welcome to a very special MTH rant. Buckle up your seat belts should you choose to read it, as this may get intense.

A few days back, I woke up listening to E-102 Gamma's theme, crying, not sure if It was a good way to wake up or a bad way. I've realized it's both.

E-102 Gamma, or just Gamma, is a robot from Sonic Adventure. He is created by Eggman/Robotnik to destroy Sonic. Along the way, Gamma's system reboots and he learns that inside him and his 'brothers' is an animal providing a live energy source. He goes through the Mystic Ruins and the Egg Carrier to destroy his brothers and free the animal that is trapped inside. As he meets with his older brother on the sunken and destroyed Egg Carrier, a fight arouses, and Gamma attempts to destroy his brother. As he shoots him, his brother, E-101 Beta, shoots him, and they both explode, freeing the animal inside.

His theme is a touching piano theme with a robotic feel to it. This theme shows that he, despite being a robot, has feelings, something other robots don't have. His story ties in with Amy's, as the bird Amy keeps as a pet reaches the animal inside him, which happens to be the bird's mom. Inside Beta was the bird's dad. At the end, the birds are seen flying away and Gamma's theme begins to play as the credits begin.

You do not know how many times this made me cry.

I applauded SEGA for making this wonderful character and was looking forward to another robot who could possibly make me feel the same way as Gamma did.

Instead they added Omega.

In Sonic Heroes, the beginning of the Team Dark story begins with Shadow being in a protective capsule, waiting to be released. Rouge pops in, looking for the treasure Eggman is supposed to be keeping, only to find Shadow. Omega has a hissy fit and starts shooting lasers everywhere, opening Shadow's capsule. Him and Omega get into a giant fight before Rouge breaks it up. Omega tells Shadow he thought he was Eggman's 'treasure', and after being treated horribly by Eggman, wanted to destroy him and his robots. Shadow does not know anything of his past after nearly dying at the end of Sonic Adventure 2, so their story is pretty much them trying to help Shadow regain his memory (which is finally finished in Shadow the Hedgehog)

Omega is a selfless robot who wants to destroy Eggman and doesn't care about how he does it. I was hoping that he would be a one time thing, but nah, he's been in seven of the games so far. I don't see why they replaced an amazing robot that had the same feel of a normal character to a giant robot that wants to kill someone. Omega, Call of Duty called. They want their killer robots back.