Usually I take forever to think of a topic for anything, but I did a Q. and A on Facebook today and one of my friends asked me to say the best versions of themes from the Sonic games and my top five list. So here I go.

SONIC This one was really hard to decide on, since Sonic has quite a few of them to choose from. I finally decided on It doesn't Matter Sonic Adventure version. It matches Sonic's style pretty well. After all, that song is about bending the rules and doing things your own way. Although, if I had a favorite that SHOULD be one of his themes, definitely City Escape. Any remix is fine, I don't care, because the lyrics are the same.

His World is not technically one of his themes as it was never confirmed, but it would be second on the list if it was. Second because rap wouldn't suit Sonic that well, but somehow, this one comes along nicely. A perfect mix awesomeness put together.

TAILS There's barely any to choose from, but I'd say Sonic Adventure 2 Believe in Myself. It is more upbeat than SA1's Believe in Myself, matching Tails's usual happiness.

SHADOW This one was a shoe-in for me. I Am... All of Me is the perfect theme for Shadow for me. It's dark and deep, and perfect for fighting Devil Doom. Perfect for the main theme of the game. Perfect for Shadow. Sure, All Hail Shadow is good for the Neutral Ending, but this, this is the perfect theme for ruling the world with pure awesomeness.

So there, that's it. If anyone has any opinions or thoughts, don't hesitate, just put it in the comments!