I made a new fanchara and I need a name for her.

She's a black and blue cat who's been depressed for twelve years (she's sixteen). Twelve years ago, her older sister had sacrificed herself to save her from getting caught by Robuttnik (yes, that's what I call him), who had been testing out a new gadget on the people of Christmas Island while Sonic was saving Station Square from Perfect Chaos. It enabled him to switch bodies with people. The device had malfunctioned and her sister was stuck in a doll forever. She picks up the doll and starts to cry. As the tears reach the doll, the face immediately changes to a zalgo-type doll face and it grows claws. she finds out her emotions control the doll. She wants to use it to kill Robuttnik because of what he's done but bumps into Mimi, Tatiana and Crystal shooting explosives at each other. They drag her out of the mission and teach her happiness in the purest form; using Mimi, the most silly creature around.

She's a cat because the only feeling cats can feel is contempt. As she is very sad and angered before meeting Mimi & co., the animal suits her.

So yeah, here are some names I had thought of earlier: (but you can think of some too.)



Onyx (I like naming stuff after gems, after all they are a girls best friend)