There's plenty of plot holes in Sonic games, and these are somethings I've noticed ^_^

Comment ones you've noticed!

Also, let me know what you think about Silver's theory?

Also, I hate the name Eggman, so Robotnik is my preferred name for him. Ignore it if you don't like it ^w^

Silver's Power Theory

One of the biggest things I've wondered since Silver's debut is how he got his powers:

  • Sonic is born fast (one of my best friends runs really fast so we call her Sonic)
  • Tails is just really smart
  • Knuckles is arrogant and just violent (it's what happens when you're lonely!)
  • Blaze says she was born with her flames (otherwise I'd devise a theory for that too)
  • Espio can go invisible because that's what chamelions do

I could go on forever about how Shadow's powers don't make sense but it's all fixed with the nickname "the Ultimate Lifeform", so I guess that's what Ultimate Lifeforms do.

So how on earth did Silver get those mad skillz?

Simple. In the ruined future of Central City (that's what Crisis City looks like), it's been destroyed by Iblis. Silver is the lone survivor of the incident, and radiation now fills the city with it's toxins. Some sort of genetic mutation has caused Silver to obtain his powers which he vows to use to destroy Iblis before it ruins his present time.


Shadow's inspiration

How did Gerald Robotnik get the inspiration to make Shadow based on a mural of Super Sonic?

Shadow was created 50+ years before the events of Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic is 15 at the time. How is there a mural of Super Sonic?

No Tikal or Chaos?

When Knuckles smashed the Master Emerald in SA2, why didn't Tikal and Chaos appear?


Because Tails and Sonic spend a lot of time together, their stories often cross. However, the two were separated when the Tornado was shot down by the Eggcarrier. A little while later, they regroup at Red Mountain to chase down the Eggcarrier again.

When they land, Sonic says, "Wow! This place is huge!"

Then Tails replies, "No time to gawk, Sonic. We've gotta find Amy!"

Notice the problem? Sonic never mentioned Amy being kidnapped to Tails. If the player had switched to Tails as soon as he was available, they never would have seen or heard of Amy.

Surprise nostalgia!

Tails uses the Tornado 1 in Sonic Unleashed....


Blaze and other characters are faster than Sonic in Sonic '06. (not exactly a plothole but nevertheless it's something it shouldn't be there)

Explosions bro, they do things to ya

Station Square gave Tails a Chaos Emerald prior to SA2 despite not having one in their possession in the time between Chaos destroying it and Tails saving it.


If you were to speak to Blaze in Generations with Modern Sonic, she says something about remembering the place, after it was destroyed after the Flames of Disaster were blown out.

You got some bad memory dude.

Classic Tails doesn't remember Green Hill Zone in Generations, yet at the end of the game he and Classic Sonic jump into a portal with Green Hill Zone in it.


Amy's hammer is of assorted sizes throught the games.

Sonic CD: it's about the size of a whack-a-mole hammer.

SA1, SA2 and Sonic Heroes: the hammer is its normal length. (not counting the Long Hammer)

Sonic '06: it's a mix of both sizes: the top part is a WAM hammer, but the handle is the regular length.

Generations: Back to its normal length.