Does anyone think there were some REALLY underrated Sonic games out there? Well, you might as well add them below.

I think the most underrated ones were:

Sonic and the Black Knight: WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. THESE. PEOPLE. THIS GAME WAS AWESOME!! I guess most people didn't like the fact that there was more violence (with the swords) and the fact that Sonic should be running, not messing with magic and stuff. I think Caliburn added more to the gameplay, which spiced things up a little because most levels would be like "blah another sonic game where we just run through the level yeah whatever I'm going to go play Call of Duty".

Shadow the Hedgehog: Yes, genius, hedgehogs do not carry guns, kill stuff and kill their father. Neither do they run at super-sonic speeds, but you have no comment on that. I think this game was super epic and whoever has something against it should not say anything. Our mothers told us if we have nothing nice to say, that we shouldn't say it for a reason.

Sonic '06: Okay, I admit this was an atrocity with all of its glitches and the bestiality going on with Elise. But still, it wasn't THAT bad. We all know Silver sucked and that Elise should die in a hole. That doesn't mean you should spit all over it.

Sonic Heroes: Many people hated this game because of having to switch between the three types. Don't worry, I hated that too, especially on the PC. *shudders* We all know that game also had pretty bad controls, (especially in a bit on the PC in the fifth level, not counting the Egg Hawk, where you have to kill all the robots before the lava gets you so you can escape) but who cares? Play the game for what it is.


Sonic and the Secret Rings: Not a bad game, I really enjoyed playing it on my friend's wii, but only in Party Mode. I think Party mode is the best part of it and it probably should have stayed that way.

If you have any opinions about the games listed above or have other ones, just comment! :D