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  • Moon the Hedgehog


    July 26, 2011 by Moon the Hedgehog

    ZeroStar98 is a new alias of mine. This alias will only be used on deviantART. If you get a message from him: it's me.

    Zero Star's episodic fanfiction series is called "Random Fanfiction". It's only hosted on deviantART and may NOT be posted anywhere else unless you have my permission. Random Fanfiction is all that the title says. It can be about anything, such as:

    • Kirby
    • Sonic
    • Mega Man
    • Possibly Parodies

    The only thing that I won't show is porn. That's disgusting and inappropriate.

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  • Moon the Hedgehog


    November 20, 2010 by Moon the Hedgehog

    This started out as a section of my user page. Now, this section is now a blog! But first, let me tell a few things:

    1. I only made it a blog so I could hear some suggestions for good Sonic comics, and maybe point out some things.
    2. Please do not spam, or flame other users depending on their responses.
    3. These are only comics I've read myself.

    This comic was made by Admiral Leviathan of this wiki. Rather than a continuos comic, it uses small mini-sagas. It focuses mainly on Leviathan, an unpaid, comic-making robotic version of Sonic made by Eggman Nega (from Blaze's dimension), and The Admiral|The Admiral, a Black Mage (see Final Fantasy wiki for info) who doesn't pay Leviathan. It uses Sonic Advance sprites, a recolor of Metal Sonic from the Mystical …

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  • Moon the Hedgehog

    These are all the sprites I have ever stolen...or at least most of them.

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  • Moon the Hedgehog

    I have now added Silver the Hedgehog sprites and Blaze the Cat sprites to my collection. Special Thanks to SSM, Admiral Levithan, Murphyshane, and Super Guy for the inspiration! |Silver the Hedgehog]]]] ]]

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  • Moon the Hedgehog

    I decided to include all the sprites from Sonic 2 I can find. If I receive good reviews, then I will get more sprites. The sprites I will try to get will be your choice! NO 8-bit (that means you Game Gear and Master System) (unless I get more than ten votes on 8-bit)!

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