This started out as a section of my user page. Now, this section is now a blog! But first, let me tell a few things:

  1. I only made it a blog so I could hear some suggestions for good Sonic comics, and maybe point out some things.
  2. Please do not spam, or flame other users depending on their responses.
  3. These are only comics I've read myself.


Sonic Comic:16-Bit ChroniclesEdit

This comic was made by Admiral Leviathan of this wiki. Rather than a continuos comic, it uses small mini-sagas. It focuses mainly on Leviathan, an unpaid, comic-making robotic version of Sonic made by Eggman Nega (from Blaze's dimension), and The Admiral|The Admiral, a Black Mage (see Final Fantasy wiki for info) who doesn't pay Leviathan. It uses Sonic Advance sprites, a recolor of Metal Sonic from the Mystical Forest Zone, and a 16-Bit version of a Black Mage from the Classic Final Fantasy game. It still runs.


Good sprites+good humor+no cameos(?)+no profanity at all=5/5! This comic is recommended for everyone!


This comic was made by Kajin of the Mystical Forest Zone. It focuses on the adventures of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow, though Sally Acorn could be considered a main character as she first appeared somewhere around the 50th or 60th comic. It uses Sonic & Knuckles-style sprites. It is uncensored and includes inappropriate materials, should loss of bowel control (which only happened once, and resulted in Sonic mopping up feces (poop). It still runs.

InSONICnia AdvancedEdit

This comic is almost the same as the original, though it is rather a spinoff. It was originally a comic that only users on the Mystical Forest Zone could read if they voted for him in some contest. This as been since changed. Like the original, it still runs.

Akuma the Hedgehog's comicsEdit

AkumaTh's ComicsEdit

"AkumaTh's Comics" is not about Akuma the Hedgehog, but about fighting. In some Middle Ground Comics, there is a being known as an author. The author can bend reality. Akuma was once the author but gave up these powers when he learned he that the author can not be a warrior. Most sprites are fan-made, and some are ripped. It still runs.

  • Akuma the Hedgehog
    • Warrior Akuma
    • Observer Akuma
    • Mathman (seemingly owned and created by Tony the Hedgehog)
    • Meiyono Akuma
  • Kari the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • The Prowers
    • Miles "Tails" Prower
    • Amy Rose Prower
    • Tails "TJ" Prower Jr.
  • Jenifer "Jenny" Wily (owned by Oppolo)
  • Fluke the Fox (owned by himself)
  • Subrosian the Armadillo (owned by himself)
  • The Ministry
    • The Undertaker (leader)
    • Dr. Robotnik (second-in command)
    • Julia Robotnik (Robotnik's
    • Silver Fox
    • Dr. Gero (dead)
    • Android 17 (dead)
    • Doc Robot (defective Robot Master)
    • Kilo "Mills" Prower (Tails' brother)
    • Julie-Su
    • Spynks (magic user, former student of the Mages of Kaminari)
  • The Mages of Kaminari
    • Jirai
    • Shado
    • Yadas
  • The Mages' Enforcers
    • Evil Ryu
    • Sasami
    • Thunder Fox
    • The Sonic Underground (Manic, Sonia, and a clone of Sonic)
    • Ashura (captured by Robotnik and inside the Death Egg behind the Moon)


Dragon Ball elements+Good sprites+spinoff-spawning+little profanity=5/5! This comic is recommended for everyone!

Darkwing BeyondEdit

Darkwing Beyond is about Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard, a teacher at day, but at night, she is the legendary hero Darkwing Duck! Gos works with "S.H.U.S.H." (actual name never shown), along with other heroes, such as Thorn Bushroot (AKA Thornroot), and the Samurai Pizza Cats. The main antagonists are the Fearsome Five, consisting of Drake Mallard AKA Nega Duck (the Original Darkwing Duck from the Nega-verse), Bud Flood (a dog who has been granted liquid manipulation powers, advanced intelligence and the ability to speak), Jill Hall AKA Quacker Jill (fanatic and copycat of Quacker Jack), Sarah Kiore AKA Livevolt (her mother was going to marry the original Megavolt), and Malicia McCawber, former mayor of St. Canard.

  • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard (AKA Darkwing Duck)
  • S.H.U.S.H.
    • Qesun (leader and actual person)
    • Flare (top agent and actual person)
    • Yoshiba
    • J. Gander Hooter (former leader)
  • The Fearsome Five
    • Drake Mallard (AKA Nega Duck)
    • Bud Flood (AKA Liquidator)
    • Jill Hall (Quacker Jill)
    • Sarah Kiore (AKA Livevolt)
    • Malicia McCawber
  • Thorn Bushroot (AKA Thornroot, son of Bushroot)
  • Gizmoduck
  • Web
  • Samurai Pizza Cats
    • Speedy Cerviche
    • Polly Esther
    • Guido Anchovy


Cartoon Violence+Mix of Mature and Immature content+Humor+Good Sprites=4/5! This comic is recommended!

Double-U Tea FEdit

Double-U Tea F is a comic made by King Lyger (Site Webmaster of the Middle Ground) and Khran. It is about Dinendel, Kharana, Raike, and Naya Zephronic, and other characters such as the Ministry (Shadow, Amy, Ream, and a robot called Epsilon) against Kryon, a villain that seeks world domination. More info coming soon...


  • The Zephronics (in order of ancestry)
    • Nanani Zephronic (ancestor of Denaire, Mortis, and Lyger's generations)
    • Denaire Zephronic (grandfather of current generation)
    • Rachael Zephronic (grandmother of current generation)
    • Empress Empyrea Zephronic(step-grandmother of current generation, though slightely younger than Nanani)
    • Mortis Zephronic (father of current generation, step-brother of Shadow, step-son of the Goddess)
    • Anastastia "Anya" Zephronic (mother of current generation)
    • Dinendal "Lyger" Zephronic (oldest of current generation)
    • Kharana Mercer "Khran" Zephronic (second oldest of current generation)
    • Raike "Kryon" Zephronic (third oldest and second youngest of current generation)
    • Naya Astria Zephronic (youngest of current generation)
  • The Ministry
    • Shadow, Minister of Fire (husband of Amy, son of the Goddess, step-son of Denaire, step-brother of Mortis, uncle of current generation)
    • Amy Rose, Minister of Earth (wife of Shadow, daughter in-law of the Goddess, step-daughter in-law? of Denaire, step-sister in-law? of Mortis, aunt of current generation)
    • Neko Prower, Minister of Air (Tails' sister)
    • Epsilon, Minister of Water
    • Sonic, former minister of air (dead)
    • Ream, former minister of water (formerly Cream, mana replaced by Jurai Magic)
    • Rouge, former minister of water (before Ream, dead)
  • RACE
    • Kryon/Horde
    • Sauito
    • Miles "Tails" Prower (traitor now, brother of Neko)
    • Amadeus Prower (traitor and dead, father of Tails and Neko, husband of the late Rosemary )
  • RACE's generals (actually Mega Man characters)
    • Hidden Phantom
    • Sage Harpuia
    • Fairy Leviathan
    • Fighting Fefnir


Profanity+Street Fighter-like battles+truely artistic drawings+Humor+Good Sprites=4/5! This comic is recommended!

"Tony the Hedgehog" and Got into the Middle Ground"Edit

Tony the HedgehogEdit

Tony the Hedgehog is about Tony Mattingly (real person and author) AKA Tony the Hedgehog and later as The Golden Haired Boy or the Golden Haired Hero, and others (such as his cousin, his step-sister, and Sonic) who live in one big house. Sometimes tying with GITMG, it is about their adventures against Dr. Eggman, who has Dark Samus, Gemel, Metal Sonic, Gamma, and millions of robots under his command at his disposal.

=Dark TomorrowEdit

'Dark Tomorrow' is an alternate timeline within the series. Key Events include:

  • Razor, Tony's demonic best friend, turns into a demon once again.
  • Sonic's leg is broken and after growing close to each other, he and Amy get married.
  • Shadow is turned into a demon by Razor, and Rouge, heartbroken, turns to Knuckles for emotional comfort.
  • Metal Sonic betrays Eggman, kills Gemel (one of the antagonists), and steals a new robot design from the mad doctor.
  • Tony's half-ghost cousin is turned into a full ghost when Razor kills him. Tony, extremely hurt and emotionally disturbed, leaves his friends and never answers his codec (phone) again (and also destroying his TV in the process).
  • Tails, Thomas Light, and Albert Wily create a Resistance, more importantly Maverick Hunters X, Zero, and Axl.
  • When Razor comes to destroy the portal to the Middle Ground, Tony tells Sonic to throw Gomi into the portal. In a failed attempt to protect said portal, Akuma's eye is cut by Razor's scythe. Many years later, Gomi and her boyfriend, Khran (see Double-U Tea F) get married.

Got into the Middle GroundEdit

Got into the Middle Ground is about Tony's exploits in the Middle Ground where he meets arch-rival Akuma, enemy RedFox, and half-sister Gomi (who later moves in with Tony).


  • For some reason, the main comic for AkumaTh's Comics is called AkumaTh's Comics.
  • Do not be alarmed;the Goddess is not really a deity. Many people were before her.


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