Blaze does not transform into Burning Blaze until you beat all special stages, get all chaos emeralds, and unlock extra special level after you beat the game. This information is not backed up. Maybe Burning Blaze does not exist in Sonic Rush. Or maybe in Sonic Rush Adventure she exists as burning form. I never remember Sonic Rush having a "Burning Blaze" in it. How come in Archie comics Blaze only remembers Sonic from Sonic Adventure, thus chasing down Captain Whiskers, which I have no knowledge about. I mean in Sonic rush she does not attack him when she first sees him. And yet when Shadow chases Metal Sonic to Blazes universe, she informs him of how she thought he was related to Sonic, her attacking him. Also, Its not clear if she really dies in Sonic 2006, but then again, it "never" existed. Well I say she is alive because if SEGA and others decided to get rid of the best Sonic character of all time, in my opinion, they would be asking for it! Since Sonic Rush, then Sonic 2006, then Sonic Rush Adventure exist in that order, Blaze must have forgotten almost everything when after stopping Iblis with her sacrifice, because she most likely forgot Sonic. Well i am tired of talking about the subject, bye! Or she met Sonic in Sonic rush, then in the comic talks about fighting him, and in Sonic Rush adventure joining him Vs. Captain Whiskers, some what being an Eggman oh what the heck I do not know, but Archie comics are horrible and one choice and ruins it all, so it says Sonic marries Sally, before it was Shadow who married her, what if All the fans wanted him to marry Amy, then it ruins it for us all that is why you should never talk about 30 years in the future, Archie comics. Also Sonic and sally's kids, strangely one is a hedgehog, the other a squirrel, squirrel? Nah lets get to the point why is Sonic's kids named, well, the name of Sonic's brother and sister. His daughter is named Sonia and... Um the boy kid is named the same name as Sonic's brother who is green. Boy im tired. See ya peoples!