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  • I live in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • I was born on May 11
  • My occupation is Improving SNN Wiki
  • I am Male
  • Bio I am a furry and a brony. I am an amateur singer and actor. My acting work consists of playing some bad guy from alladin in the school theatre. A santa elf in the school theatre again and lastly a cancelled movie project where i played a waiter. I am also a writer currently writing comic/fanfiction The Legends Of Kaya : The Z Zone.
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  • MyOrangeTails

    Help Sega wiki

    August 19, 2017 by MyOrangeTails

    so i'm waiting fandom staff to make me owner of sega wiki since the last active admin agreed to give me ownership. after that me and mystic we'll become sysops with me being the owner of all the wiki.

    we need volunteers to help sega wiki since it's a dying platform.

    any one want to volunteer you can even request user rights. me and mystic and if there are other active users will choose people.

    we need

    3 bureacrats

    1 more admin

    2 content mods

    and we'll see if we change forums to discussions.

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  • MyOrangeTails

    Kinda Back

    August 14, 2017 by MyOrangeTails

    Hey guys today i am making this blog to inform you that i'm kinda back but i'm not. Sounds confusing but i will explain so. I will be able to edit for a short amount of time cause i have some megabytes on my phone and i hotspot them in a broken old laptop. I don't know when the megabytes will end so i will be in the main space for a small amount of time. I will officialy return from vacations somewhere in September.

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  • MyOrangeTails

    DIN DIN DIN DIN DIN! Yay 1000 Discussion Posts!

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  • MyOrangeTails

    I Setted Another Milestone This Time For 500 Discussion Posts.

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  • MyOrangeTails

    So As We All Of Us Are Aware That It's Summer And With Summer Comes Summer Vacations And With Summer Vacations Comes Bad Internet Connection Which Leads To Rages. So Yeah Because I Will Go On Summer Vacations Today In 1 Or 2 Hours I Don't Know What Internet Connection Will My Phone's Data And Hotspot To An Ancient Laptop Do. Also Yeah I Won't Have My Gaming PC, I Will Have An Old Laptop Which Is From 2008.

    On The Bright Side It's Sonic's 26th Anniversary And That Means One Thing, Another Livestream Soon That Will Anounce The Plans For Games Of Sonic For 2018 And 2019.

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