Eggman reviviendo a Metal Sonic

That's a bad future! Go to your room!

Hello SNN, you may be thinking "Oh look, Myself's made a new comic." Well it's not, sorry to disappoint. Instead, I will be talking about Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode Metal and how it hit the Sonic continuity in the face with a sledgehammer, well, not really, but it still confuses things in regards to Sonic CD.

So, what am I talking about you may ask? Well, it's in regards to the opening scene of the mini interquel Episode Metal which shows Metal Sonic, defeated after his race with Sonic, IN THE BAD FUTURE! This appears to prove that Sonic did not save Little Planet in Sonic CD, or at least he didn't save Stardust Speedway's future, well, that's wrong, and in the rest of this blog, I'm going to explain why.

First, we must look at the Bad ending of Sonic CD; the ending seen by the player if they fail to obtain all Time Stones and fail to destroy all those weird robot generators lurking in the past (a little note; if the player obtains all the Time Stones, the robot generators are automatically destroyed from future levels). In this ending, we see Little Planet de-chained, but we also see Robotnik with a Time Stone, despite taking an exploding rock from Sonic (Sonic Says: Kids, you should never throw rocks or stones at anyone, throwing rocks can make people get seriously hurt, and that's not cool). Despite this, Eggman still has that Time Stone, and at the end, we see Little Planet reappear and mechanised once more[1]; implying that Robotnik just went back in time and undid all of Sonic's hard work, we're then left with the simple message "Try again".

Now, the description for Episode II writes thusly:

Quotation1 As Little Planet, where "Sonic CD" took place, approaches Sonic's world once again... Quotation2

As the bad ending shows Little Planet returning straight after the events of the game, it wouldn't be returning in Episode II as it’s still there. Now you can argue that the scene at the very end could be some time after the events, it could even be when it returned in Episode II, however in the opening cut scene in Episode Metal, we see Metal Sonic fly away from Little Planet to earth[3], take a good look at Little Planet, doesn't look mechanised and ruined does it? Furthermore, it brings to question Why Eggman felt the need to build a Death Egg around the magical satellite if it's already crammed full of his machinery.

So, why did Episode Metal use Stardust Speedway's bad future? Well, the Stardust Speedway used in the opening of Episode Metal is the same one used in the battle against Metal Sonic in Sonic Generations, it's unknown why they used the bad future version of the stage, but it could be because it's the version of the stage that the player would be most familiar with; perhaps I'm just a terrible gamer, but I didn't complete the good ending of Sonic CD the first time around and I doubt most people who played the game for the time did either. If this is the case, Sega probably used the bad future as it's what the player would be most familiar with. The reason why Sega used it for Episode Metal may simply be because they couldn't be bothered to make a good future version for a brief cut scene. But this is all speculative; the one thing that's for certain is that Sonic CD's bad ending isn't canon.

I hope this has cleared up any confusion that anyone may have had in regards to the issue. If no-one was confused by Stardust Speedway's future, then this has been a waste of time, then again, it's not like I have a busy schedule or anything.

One final note: The first person to guess what game the title refers to gets a donut, and by donut, I mean a string of symbols and letters that probably won't look like a donut. Tat-ta.