Sup SNN, Myself here, but you knew that already.

As some of you may remember, I've made sprite comics, but the last one I made was released over a year, a whole year!

However, it just so happened that I was working on something before I took that unexpected hiatus earlier this year, and I intend to make a comic series based around said thing. What was I working on? Well, he's a teaser.

What's that

I wonder what that could be.

Well, I've been making my own sprites for this blatantly obvious totally mysterious character, which will the featured prominently in a series of comics I will be uploading in the future.

Who is this character?

What is he holding in his hand?

What could possibly happen in this upcoming series?

Well, you'll find out in the future, provided I can be bothered/remember/be creative enough to upload this entire series.

Peace out.