Hello one and all! Some of you may remember that a couple of years ago, I started a comic saga involving Metal Sonic and some not-so-original mysterious artifacts. In April 2014, I concluded the second arc of the comic with the promise that I would continue in two weeks time...

Yeah, that didn't work out ever so well.

I won't lie, one of the reasons I didn't go back to it straight away was because I wasn't entirely sure how to start the final arc, the other reason was sheer laziness. I had put a lot of work into my final performance and the course work that followed and I really just wanted to relax. Although I created this comic for fun, it's still work in some sense and I just couldn't be bothered. While I always intended to come back to this series and finish it, and even though I had figured out where to take the series, my apathy just grew larger and larger.

After coming back from another one of my impromptu hiatuses, I thought I'd come back to the series, and I got some of the work done that was needed to complete the project. While there are still some things that I need to do, I figured I'd do something to try and entice people back into the project, as well as give me some incentive to actually finish it. So, I present to you:


Yeah, fifty different versions of Metal Sonic and we're gonna go through all of them. But before we do that, you may want to check out the last comic here.

"Classic" Metal Sonic

Classic Metal Sonic CKtM

A Metal Sonic with a slightly different colour scheme. Feels nostalgic for some reason.

"Inverted" Metal Sonic

Inverted Metal Sonic CktM

A Metal Sonic with all of it's colours inverted. Remember, to it, you're the one who looks weird.

"Metal Ashura"

Metal Ashura CKtM

A Metal Sonic that's primarily green with a black mark on it's head. Comes from a dimension where there are several inexplicable waterfalls in Emerald Hill Zone.

"Metal Mighty"

Metal Mighty CKtM

A Metal Sonic that's actually based on Mighty the Armadillo. Must come from a dimension where Mighty is Eggman's primary adversary. Either that, or that version of Eggman has too much time on his hands.

Metal Scourge

Metal Scourge CKtM

A Metal Sonic that appears to be based on a "bad boy" version of Sonic. Have no idea why it's green though...

"Metal Shadow"

Metal Shadow CKtM

A Metal Sonic that's actually based on Sonic's edgy rival, Shadow. Ow.

Metal Sonic 3.0

Metal Sonic 3.0 CKtM

A Metal Sonic from the future, created by Eggman's ancestor, Dr. Eggman Nega. This Metal Sonic is created from an alloy that's not yet created as it contains a metal that's yet to be discovered. Although it may not look like it, this Metal Sonic has some major differences from it's present counterpart that allow it to go toe to toe with Eggman Nega's main foe in the future. I wonder if these differences will show themselves in the future?

Metal Sonic "Boom"

Metal Sonic Boom CKtM

A Metal Sonic created by an Eggman from another dimension. This Metal Sonic has some visual differences from the main dimension Metal Sonic in order to make it seem hip and current to the young'uns. Some think the changes are unnecessary though.

"Metal Sonic.exe"

Metal Sonic-exe CKtM

A Metal Sonic created by an Eggman from another dimension. This Metal Sonic has what's supposed to be "hyper realistic blood" on it's face, but it's blatantly just red felt tip.

Metallix Supreme

Metallix disguise CKtM

A Metal Sonic from another dimension. It's coloured red and gold for some unknown reason, perhaps it's a special kind of Metal Sonic? Or maybe it was just created by a huge Iron Man fan?

"Sonic" Metal Sonic

Sonic Metal Sonic CKtM

A Metal Sonic designed to look more like the original Sonic. It's still obviously Metal Sonic though, you'd have to be crazy to think anyone would believe it's the real deal.

"Steampunk" Metal Sonic

Steampunk Metal Sonic CKtM

A Metal Sonic created by Eggman in a dimension in which steam power and clockwork are the height of technology. It appears to be made of brass and iron, and has a furnace in it's chest. It was just out of frame in the last panel of the comic, which is why you couldn't see it (it's totally not because I only created it recently).

Super Metal Sonic

Super Metal Sonic CKtM

A Metal Sonic that has achieved a shiny golden super form. Although this Metal Sonic may be a valuable asset to Eggman, chances are it's form is temporary.

Aaaaaaaand thirty seven Metal Sonics that look the same as the regular Metal Sonic and probably have the same abilities as him. All of which may or not appear in the comic (don't expect me to make sure that there's no more than fifty Metal Sonics shown in the comic either, I ain't got time for that). See? We really did discuss fifty different versions of Metal Sonic. Well, not really, but still.

And on one final note, I would like to apologise to anyone who was eagerly awaiting my next comic only to get absolutely zilch (except for that Muppet thing, but let's not dwell on that). I'm sorry if I let you down.

-Myself 123