Hey look it's not a comic! Funny old world... Anyway, ANYWAY! Something totally strange just happened! You've been challenged by an evil enity to battle in some strange version of chess to save the planet! You must pick ten warriors from different franchises to participate in this battle to secure the world's safety. So, who would you pick? The fate of the world is resting on your sholders...


Like I said, they have to be from different franchises, for example if you have one Marvel character, you can't have any other Marvel character (that includes those from other series or different universes). Any characters with immortaity lose that trait, so no thinking you can just pick a bunch of immortals for an easy win (although other abilities such as regeneration would still be in affect e.g. a character like Deadpool would heal from wounds and be able to reattach limbs, but something like a huge explosion and a beheading would kill him).

Who I would pick

  1. Mr. Chau - Scott Pilgrim. A deadly swordman with impressive power and swordmanship for his age, once he sets his mind on something, he won't stop until he succedes (or gains respect for his daugter's ex boyfriend)
  2. Ezio Auditore Da Firenze - Assassin's Creed (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood version). The master assassin with a wide array of techniques and weapons at his disposial, his skills as an assassin are so great that he could kill you without you even realising it.
  3. Bardock - Dragon Ball. A Saiyan warrior: one of the strongest races in the universe. Can use Ki energy to create powerful attacks and energy beams. At the time of his death his power rivaled that of the Saiyan king. Don't fight him on a full moon.
  4. Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach (with Visored form). Deputy Soul Reaper with impressive spiritual pressure for a human. With the use of Bankai, Ichigo's power greatly increases and with the use of a Hollow mask, his power can increase even further. An warrior with an adamant will, who would never give up in a fight.
  5. Deadpool - Marvel (normal universe). "Merc with a mouth." Deadpool is a highly trained mercanary who's honed his skills with swords and guns to perfection. Hard to kill any body parts can be reattached. If Deadpool dosen't kill you with his impressive skills, he'll drive you to insanity with his innane babble.
  6. Cole MacGrath - InFAMOUS (InFAMOUS 2, good karma version). A powerful conduit with power over electricity, his powers can be used to create a wide vareity of destructive attacks. As if these powers didn't make Cole powerful enough, Cole now has the power of cryokenesis, making him a tough opponent.
  7. Riku - Kingdom Hearts (Kingdom Hearts 2 version). Keyblade weilder with control over the power of darkness. A great friend and ally, Riku would do anything for his friends, even sacrifice his human form.
  8. Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy (Advent Children version). A soilder infused with mako energy and alien cells to echance his strenght. Cloud immpressivly weilds and massive sword with ease in battle and managed to defeat the evil sephiroth and save the world, twice! With magical mako stone and powerful Limit Breaks at his disposal, Cloud is a deadly opponent.
  9. Shadow the Hedgehog - Sonic the Hedgehog. Created to be the ultimate lifeform by Professor Gerald Robotnik with the blood of an evil, alien overlord, Shadow's powerful body makes him strong and fast. Shadow also has the knowledge to use pratically all firearms ever created and if that's not enough, Shadow has use of chaos energy, a power that can formed into projectiles and blast and can even be used to alter time itself.
  10. Ratchet - Ratchet and Clank. Last of the Lombaxes, a noble race of inventers, Ratchet has many powerful weapons he can use in battle, including a weapon of unspeakable power known as the R.Y.N.O. If all else fails, Ratchet has his speedy hoverboots and trusty wrench to take out any opponents.